from my supporter Rod miller, telling Berg to stop harassing me and stop wasting my time and money

Mr Berg, please help rather than hinder Dr. Orly Taitz Wednesday, June 29, 2011 4:14 PM From: “Rod” <mr.Add sender to Contacts To: “Philip Berg, J.D., Esq.” <philjberg@gmail.com> Cc: “WND Joseph Farah” <jfarah@wnd.com>, “Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.” <dr_taitz@yahoo.com> Rod Miller   Philip Berg, J.D., Esq.   June 29, 2011   Dear Mr. Berg:   We […]

National organization calls for impeachment of Obama

BREAKING NEWS – – – National Organizati​on Calling For IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMEN​T PROCEEDING​S Against President Obama InboxX  Reply |Ms Miki Booth show details 12:17 PM (44 minutes ago)   “The Constitution matters. The truth matters” – Terry Lakin “Hope is not a strategy.” – Gen. Thomas McInerney —– Forwarded Message —- From: Joan Swirsky To: Joan […]

Thank you Mr. Puchetti for your generous donation of $100, which will help me fight ObamaFraudGate and attacks by Berg and Kreep. I am sending you and thank you card and Obama Soebarka-Carnival barker bumper sticker

There will be media present at the court hearings in Liberi v Taitz, so the public can see all the certified records, showing that that Liberi was indeed convicted of forgery and theft, there was no defamation, no harassment, and Berg and Kreep are harassing me with a totally bogus law suit and preventing me from spending time on Obama litigation

Rick Baker, Attend Hearing for Case Number 11-485 Liberi v Taitz InboxX  Reply |rick baker rglennbaker@me.com to AG_Chambers, me show details 8:51 AM (1 hour ago) Hello Lisa, May I please have the judge’s permission to attend any hearings that will be scheduled for this case number? I am the host of the Rick Baker […]

“Gold” is #8 trend on Yahoo, connect the dots

please, check, if expert Mara Zebest, will be willing to prepare a sworn affidavit to be submitted to court

now Obama operatives are calling me a grinch, who is trying to steal an election from 69 million people. I wander, what is next? I think they finished al

Orly Taitz Should Be Disbarred: Orly Taitz Has Not Been Disbarred You +1’d this publicly. Undo 10 hours ago – Orly Taitz. The Grinch that is trying to steal the election from 69 million … to read an article on the internet that Orly Taitz had been disbarred. … disbarorlytaitz.blogspot.com/2011/06/orly-taitz-has-not-been-disbarred.html

Can someone help me install RSS and Atom buttons on my blog?

thank you Mr. Thomas Olsen for your generous donation of $100, it will help me fighting ObamaFraudGate and will help me fight attacks from Philip Berg and Gary Kreep. I sent you a thank you card and Obama Soebarkah-carnival barker bumper sticker

My media magnet stopped working, I can’t reach my tech, I need help figuring, what happened

I need your help in getting media in the courtrooms

Liberi v Taitz 12.23.2010 pdf memorandum by Judge Robreno Liberi bw mug shot criminal record Liberi pictute I need as many media outlets as possible covering, what is going on in the courtroom of judge Andrew Guilford, Central District of CA, Santa Ana (same district, where judge Carter is working), where I, investigator Sankey, database […]

from a supporter Peter

 Flag this message CONGRATULATIONS ORLY Tuesday, June 28, 2011 7:09 PM From: “Hans-Peter Healy”View contact details To: “Orly Taitz” <dr_taitz@yahoo.com> Cc: “Ray” WELL DONE DR. TAITZ – YOU ARE AN AMAZING WOMAN – I TRULLY ADMIRE YOU.  IF ONLY MOST AMERICANS HAD YOUR PASSION AND COMMITMENT! I HOPE TO BE ABLE TO LEND SOME FINANCIAL […]

from Drudge Report: “Ahmadinejad might be forced to resign”

Ahmadinejad ‘may be forced to resign in coming weeks’…

Glenn Beck’s family attacked

Glenn Beck’s Family Attacked in NYC Park

from Lawless America- I am seeing more people suing judges, particularly federal judges for racketeering and corruption

Lawless America We’ve Gotta Fix This! Home News Attorney Dishonesty, Misconduct, and Corruption Battling Corruption Civil Liberties Violations Congressional Dishonesty and Corruption Constitutional Rights Problems Corporate Dishonesty and Corruption Corruption Election Fraud and Corruption Finance – Banking Fraud Government and Public Corruption Government Employee Dishonesty Guardianship – Conservatorship – Probate Abuse Judicial Corruption and Dishonesty […]

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