Article from military.com They called me for my reaction on Lakin release


You help needed!!! Reconsiled eligibility bill needs to be passed immediately, flood the phone lines to your legislators tomorrow!!!. We need it on the desk of governor Mary Fallin within 2 days!!!

FW: Oklahoma Legislativ​e Bill Tracking InboxX  Reply |Shireen Boddy to mikibooth, IRON, me show details 5:53 PM (53 minutes ago)     From: lsb@oklegislature.gov [mailto:lsb@oklegislature.gov] Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 5:36 PM To: Shireen Boddy Subject: Oklahoma Legislative Bill Tracking   OKLAHOMA LEGISLATIVE ELECTRONIC NOTIFICATION SYSTEM (LENS) Current status of measure(s) you are tracking:   […]

Drudge report: ObamaFraudGate is front and center

Breaking: B/C stories upper left hand column on DRUDGE as well as upper RIGHT HAND column InboxX  Reply |jose Barrera to me show details 2:29 PM (34 minutes ago) Esquire magazine ‘reports’ book about Obama’s birth certificate ‘pulled from shelves’… Book editor threatens to sue…   OBAMA CAMPAIGN CASHES IN ON BIRTH CONTROVERSY…

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The Conservative Edge 18 hours ago – Watch OBAMA’s Case in 9th Dist. # 2 on May 2nd. I know this starts off slowly speed ahead to 17:45 to see Orly Taitz get it rolling … our-motivation.co.cc/Utube/court1.php – Cached Congressman | ~II~ THE WATCHTOWERS ~II~ 17 hours ago – That mighty engine is Attorney Orly […]

A new idea for T-shirts “Carnival Barker Barack Soebarkah, his forged HI BC and stolen CT SSN ID”

“Carnival Barker Barack Soebarkah His  forged HI BC And Stolen CT SSN ID” Underneath we need a picture of his HI Birth Certificate with big red FORGERY across it and Nordyke valid, not forged birth certificate  next to it as a comparison. On the back of the T-shirt we need the same verseon top  and underneath it  a […]

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Thank you InboxX  Reply harlowmt show details 7:16 AM (6 minutes ago) fromharlowmt@aol.com toorly.taitz@gmail.com dateWed, May 18, 2011 at 7:16 AM subjectThank you mailed-byaol.com hide details 7:16 AM (6 minutes ago) Orly: Thank you for all your hard work! You are awesome american! Maybe sign printers could print out huge images of each layer that could […]

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Florence Stone Submitted on 2011/05/17 at 10:29pm They keep sending me snail mail, asking for money, and I keep mailing back a copy of Orly’s letter to Obama after the AZ shooting, and my cover letter telling them they don’t get one red cent from me until they put their support behind Orly to remove […]

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