listen to this interview with Susan Daniels. I submitted her affidavits in multiple courts. Our judges are as corrupt as our politicians and media. they refused to look at the evidence, they allowed a criminal to stay in the WH and one judge, Clay D. Land even sanctioned me $20,000, saying this evidence is frivolous

We have massive corruption everywhere. We have a pre-set corrupt elections system,. where electronic scanners can be pre-set any way our rulling mafia wants them preset. As a result we have a corrupted product: corrupt elected officials  on both sides of the isle. We are worse than Egypt. I don’t believe Egyptians would allow a […]

Does anyone know, why is Mitzi Torri listed as a process server in HI? for whom? for what? Why? When?

Victoria Submitted on 2011/05/15 at 5:30pm From Arizona State Bar website: “Ms. Mitzi L Torri Educated at GEORGETOWN U, admitted to practice in 1984, admitted to the AZ Bar October 19, 1996″ She became “inactive” as an AZ licenses attorney effective 02/08/11. Torri was with the firm Beus Gilbert, 4800 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 6000, […]

Does anyone know, in what states is Mitzi Torri licensed?

I never played chess, but I believe this is called a check-mate. Order by judge Wilkinson from Hornbeck v Salazar and evidence of forgery of Obama’s BC is in front of judges of the 9th Circuit

Cases 09-56827 and 10-55084 Submitted on behalf of  all 40  Plaintiffs in Barnett et al v Obama et al 10-55084 Attorney Taitz represents all plaintiffs in 10-55084 Barnett, Keyes et al v Obama et al UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS   FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT ____________________   Pamela Barnett, Alan Keyes et al.,   Plaintiffs-Appellants, […]

More on attorneys, engaged in obstruction of justice, where they are attacking me and other patriots in order to allow Obama to continue residing in the WH with a forged BC and invalid SSN ID

I just talked to observers from New Orleans. they confirmed that it was indeed Mitzi Lynn Craig Torri, who was at the hearing.  She introduced herself as an employee of the department of treasury. Why is an employee of the department of treasury, not doing her job at the department of treasury, but rather hanging […]

from my supporter Jaqueline Sorenson

The thug in chief of our beautiful America, is still in the White House as a quest….. —– Forwarded Message —- From: Conservative News Alerts NewsDesk@conservativeamerica-online.com Sent: Thu, May 5, 2011 5:00:33 PM Subject: Video: Proof Obama Is Using Stolen Connecticut SS Number Was America’s Conservative News Forwarded To You? Use The Subscribe Button On […]

Globe published part of the interview I gave them, as well as an interview with their expert, showing Obama to be a criminal, using a forged birth certificate

American Hero LTC Lakin is greeted by patriots.

I believe that Obama knows that the US military is not going to tolerate an usurper and a criminal sitting in the position of the Commander in Chief with the forged birth certificate, with invalid Selective Service certificate and an invalid Social Security number. I believe, he appointed his buddy Leon Panetta, as a Secretary of […]

Have you seen this woman, Mitzi Lynn Craig Torri at my hearings? She is a former Beus Gilbert employee, currently an IRS attorney in New Orleans, she posts on “fogbow”

Tom Hartman interview

Thom Hartmann: Orly Taitz – Birthers have more … 8 min – Apr 28, 2011 – Uploaded by TheBigPictureRT Orly Taiz tells Thom Hartmann where the birthers are going next and how they will go after President Obama.

I need a picture of this New Orleans IRS attorney, Mitzi Torri. I believe, she posts under the name “Butterfly Bielderberg” and Georgetown JD on subversive site “Fogbow” and she was at my court hearings.

Lakin asked for BC last year, went to prison for his conviction, and now we got a crude 3rd rate forgery instead