Recall of Jan Brewer shifts into second gear

Mimi Pryor recallgovernorbrewer.com mimi@recallgovernorbrewer.com Secretary of state of AZ authorized recall drive to recall Jan Brewer. Please contact Mimi Pryor at recallgovernor Brewer.com. I will remove the on line petition and I advise my supporters to contact Mimi Pryor and sign the actual petition. If Governor Brewer comes to her senses, we will stop this […]

please, call regime puppet Ann Caultier, tell her to debate ObamaFraudGate on the issues or shut up and not show her complete ignorance on the issue

Veritas Submitted on 2011/04/22 at 2:55pm I agree, Alec. Kudos to Dr. Taitz. The sheep and goats are being separated in America. On one side we have wisdom and insight, and on the other, pedantry and condescension. For example, on Drudge it is reported: Krauthammer: Trump is running… But Ann Coulter today on the Hannity […]

Gov Brewer gets indicted in the “Hall of shame” for selling out her whole state and all of her legislators, for misrepresenting the truth and for slandering her own state assembly in order to please the Feds

Nicholas C. Wolley Hall of Shame hallshame.webs.com What a disingenuous statement. The bill does not require candidates to submit circumcision records. If they could not produce a longform birth certificate, that was one of the options as an alternative. It would not suffice alone. Two options from the alternatives would have to be submitted. One […]

Trump is leading in Gallup poll, particularly among moderate Republicans and Independants, which is important for the win in the general election

Huckabee, Trump, Romney Set Pace for 2012 GOP Field Trump leads among liberal and moderate Republicans by Jeffrey M. Jones PRINCETON, NJ — Donald Trump debuts in a first-place tie in Gallup’s latest update of Republicans’ preferences for the party’s 2012 presidential nomination among potential contenders. Trump ties Mike Huckabee at 16%, with Mitt Romney […]

from a supporter Alec

Alec Submitted on 2011/04/22 at 7:36am Orly, You have taken two steps forward, one back, over and over for so long that you have made immense progress where others would have given up. You have broken through what seemed an impossible barrier. This is rule of law vs. rule of man, truth vs. deceit, liberty […]

I need your help yet again. Clerks of the USDC for the district of Columbia are not docketting the proof of service of the US attorney’s office, it needs to be docketted asap

I submitted to the US district court for the district of Columbia yet another certificate of service of the US attorneys office and the clerk of the court is not posting it. I need help in calling the court and demanding that this certificate of service is docketted, so that the country can see that […]

Thank you Mr.Phil Knudsen for your generous donation of $200

Country music legend supports Trump for Pres

COUNTRY MUSIC LEGEND JOINS DRAFT TRUMP EFFORT County and Western and Rockabilly legend Jerry Naylor has joined the Draft Trump 2012 committee and will serve as Oregon state co-coordinator for the effort. Nayor was a key operative for California Governor Ronald Reagan in 1976 and 1980. President Reagan appointed Jerry Naylor to two three-year terms […]

Corrupt and dirty Hollywood executives pour money to usurper Obama

Yesterday, as I drove to work, I heard on the radio that Jeffrey Katzenberg, President of  Dreamworks SKG is hosting a fundraiser for Obama and collecting $38,500 a plate. I felt like stopping my car and throwing up. Please, see below information on Dreamworks. Steven Spielberg originally moved his production to Ireland, where for a number […]

Pat Buchanan turns birther and tells Karl Rove to shut up. Priceless!

Pat Buchanan and Bill Press were invited to debate on MSNBC.   Buchannan stated that Obama needs to produce his original birth certificate. when asked about Karl Rove, he state that Rove needs to shut up and not tell candidates, what they can or cannot say. It was priceless

Andrew Breitbart turned birther

Veritas Submitted on 2011/04/22 at 6:27am Breitbart on WND says: Obama’s story has “Swiss cheese holes in it!” —————– ‘He’s probably been videotaped millions of times, yet we don’t know anything about him’ Posted: April 22, 2011 12:35 am Eastern © 2011 WorldNetDaily Internet media star Andrew Breitbart, who runs Breitbart.com, Breitbart.tv, BigHollywood.com, BigGovernment.com, BigJournalism.com […]