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Tuesday, April 19, 2011 Atty Orly Taitz Slams Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer; Discusses Obama’s Social Security Number… ObamaRelease YourRecords on 12:30 PM Video: On The Peter Boyles Radio Show Attorney Orly Taitz Slammed Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer For Her Veto Of The Proof Of Eligibility Legislation; Taitz Also Discussed Obama’s Social Security Number Reserved For […]

I think that Michelle Bachmann is trying to get hired by Trump as #2 on his ticket. She might be a good #2


the latest news from Libya

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New idea- large tea party on the 4th of July “sign the petition to kick traitor Jan Brewer out of office” I need volunteers to make copies of the recall forms. We can give them to people to sign during the party.

Brewer has 2 options: she can pose and think about her actions and she can call the special session, let the legislature know, what is her problem with the bill, make some amendments and have the legislature pass the amended bill for her to sign,  or she can face a recall.   On the  4th of July […]

first people to sign the petition to recall the traitor Jan Brewer

Home > Categories > Other > Recall Governor Jan Brewer of AZ Powered by iPetitions – Start your online petition nowRecall Governor Jan Brewer of AZSignBlogSignaturesEmail friendsSignatures 15 total .Page: 1 1 Name: Jeff Lichter on Apr 19, 2011 Comments: . .2 Name: Thayne Hamilton Doak on Apr 19, 2011 Comments: I was born in […]

Newsmax reports, that 2/3 or 68 % of Americans will vote for Trump in a match up with Obama, same number of people do not believe Obama is legit

The darkening economic cloud has sent President Barack Obama’s job performance ratings plummeting to just 47 percent — just 1 point higher than his lowest ever mark — according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. And his economic approval ratings are his worst since September, when he stood at 41 percent approval and 57 […]

from a supporter Scott

Orly…… Wow… just saw your media piece on CNN with Mr. King… you did an absolutely fantastic job!! Don’t give up or give in…. Semper Fi, Scott Ose….. Marine Corps veteran, legal American citizen, husband, and father of eleven children Scott Ose Aircraft Certification Inspector, ODA (FAA AR-I/DAR) A&P/FCC Licensed & Certified Gulfstream Aerospace

Trump will show his tax returns when Obama shows his birth certificate

 Flag this message : Trump: I’ll release my tax returns when Obama releases his birth certificate! Tuesday, April 19, 2011 9:44 AM From: “sr View contact details To: Undisclosed-Recipient@yahoo.com    Finally- someone w/ imagination & fighting spirit.  Going for the Obama Achilles Heel….    http://blogs.abcnews.com/george/2011/04/donald-trump-ill-release-my-tax-returns-when-obama-releases-his-birth-certificate.html

Sign the petition to recall governor Jan Brewer of Arizona

You have successfully added your iPetition. You can access it at: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/recalljanbrewer/

from Don Frederick, author of Obama timeline

« Back to Inbox Archive Report spam Delete Move to   Labels   More actions  ‹ Newer 10 of 26710 Older ›Fwd: Brewer punked out. InboxX fromDon Fredrick ccorly.taitz@gmail.com dateTue, Apr 19, 2011 at 9:01 AM subjectRe: Brewer punked out. mailed-bygmail.com signed-bygmail.com hide details 9:01 AM (1 hour ago) George, yes, a la Judge David […]

from GA Tea Party leader Carl Swensson

Dear Representative Setzler,   Here we go again…   Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has undone the work of Republican majorities in both houses of her state legislature by issuing a veto of the plan to exercise the state’s right to run elections and require presidential candidates to prove their constitutional eligibility…   Can reasonable people […]

Please, let me know if you can help in a campaign to kick Jan Brewer (Arnold)out of the governor’s mention in AZ. This despicable traitor has to go, and not a minute too soon

Jim Submitted on 2011/04/19 at 5:32am The excuse she gave was lame : “As a former Secretary of State (sic), I do not support designating one person as the gatekeeper to the ballot for a candidate, which could lead to arbitrary or politically-motivated decisions,” Brewer wrote in her veto message to House Speaker Kirk Adams. […]

Blagojevich retrial starts today, we’ll see what happens

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Flushing Out RINOs, Neo-cons, Faux Conservatives, Controlled … Apr 19, 2011 … You should check out the recent CNN interview of Orly Taitz to see an example of the liberal “sound and fury signifying nothing” technique … gulagbound.com/…/flushing-out-rinos-neo-cons-faux-conservatives- controlled-opposition-and-the-clueless – 5405 1 hour ago

Our pressure might be working, for the first time Glenn Beck announced that he does not know where Obama is from

Newsmax reported that Beck is leaving his show to build his new TV production company. I am wondering, if Beck and O’Reilly had to agree not to talk about Obama’s ineligibility to presidency according to their contract with FOX. Maybe Beck has to leave FOX in order to start speaking the truth. Does anyone know the […]