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 Flag this message Fwd: Orly’s appearance today on CNN “John King USA Live” Friday, April 15, 2011 9:55 PM From: “slbennet Add sender to Contacts To: Slbennett1025@aol.com LOL!!!!   Wooooo Hoooo, you go Orly!  You’ve got a lot of folks rooting for you  and thank you Miki for forwarding this.  I’m doing the same. I love […]

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Free Republic Browse · Search   Bloggers & Personal Topics · Post Article Skip to comments. John King to Orly Taitz: “Are you accusing the president of committing a felony?” (SS#)(vanity) CNN John King | April 15, 2011 | Seizethecarp Posted on Friday, April 15, 2011 5:23:02 PM by Seizethecarp John King had Orly on […]

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Great job Orly! Friday, April 15, 2011 11:34 PM From: This sender is DomainKeys verified “Gary Wilmott” View contact details To: “Orly Taitz” <dr_taitz@yahoo.com> You did great Orly on CNN!….more and more info is getting out. We are winning and the hammer will drop soon! Gary M. Wilmott giveusliberty1776.blogspot.com

A clip of my interview today on CNN “John King U.S.A. live”

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Good job with John King on CNN considering these hosts never give you a chance to answer in depth but instead put out the Obama spin talking points a mile a minute and do not give the guest a chance to rebut them one by one. CDR Kerchner

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 Flag this message Re: my appearance today on CNN “John King USA Live” Friday, April 15, 2011 8:13 PM From: This sender is DomainKeys verified “Richard Winger” View contact details To: “Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ” <dr_taitz@yahoo.com> You did very well.  It all reminds me of Watergate.  No one believed that President Nixon himself was responsible […]

Today I appeared on CNN “John King USA live” in prime time 7:30 EST

Though I am being attacked by Obama’s operatives, I am able to bring forward the issues, not only elections fraud, but also Social Security fraud. At the end of the show slightly taken aback John King asked me, if I am indeed accusing the President of the United States of committing a crime, I told him, “Absolutely! […]

Is Obama really concerned about Trump hurting GOP or is he concerned about Trump kicking him out of the WH and safely landing him in the Big House?

Obama dismisses Trump and other ‘birthers’ April 15th, 2011, 12:01 pm · 1 Comment · posted by Martin Wisckol, Politics reporter Share    In a rare public acknowledgment of those who dispute his birthplace, President Barack Obama told ABC News on Thursday that the “conspiracy theories” of Donald Trump and others could hurt Republicans in a […]

Public Policy polling is showing Trump pulling ahead and leaving all of the establishment puppets in the dust. Majority of Republican voters will only vote for the “birther” presidential candidate

April 15, 2011 Trump Now Leads GOP Presidential Field A new Public Policy Polling survey finds Donald Trump now leading the Republican presidential pack with 26%, followed by Mike Huckabee at 17%, Mitt Romney at 15%, Newt Gingrich at 11%, Sarah Palin at 8% and Ron Paul at 5%. Key finding: Just 38% of Republican […]


Thank you Ms Donna Zicha for your very generous contributionof $100, Mr William Markell $50, Ms. Paula Hoehn 450, Mr. Joseph Greenberg $25, Mr. Roland Saffy $20 As of today i collected $15,705 of $20,000  judicial extortion  I have $4,295 more to collect

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Donation Details Total amount: $50.00 USD Currency: U.S. Dollars Confirmation number: 4HW79805JJ3737706 Purpose: defend our freedoms foundation Contributor: First Over All Message: Hopefully, I will get to shake your hand on May 2nd when me and my wife are going go in your support to the 9th circuit court oral arguments. Mike

Demand a vote of non confidence in speaker of the house John Boehner, demand replacing him with Michelle Bachmann

John Boehner was a dismal failure as a Speaker of the House. Instead of  taking the stand and demanding repeal of Obamacare and balanced budget, this pittiful puppet agreed to a joke of a compromise. Congressional budget office just announced that the budget cut is actually not 38 billion dollars as expected, but only 280 million, […]

Write to Federal Communications Commission and demand sanctions against Bill O’Reilly and O’Reilly show for aiding and abetting in elections fraud. Demand sanctions against each show and network aiding and abetting in elections fraud

Veritas Submitted on 2011/04/15 at 3:07am And what is THIS NOW on WND? Is O’Reilly becoming “reality challenged?” : ——————- O’Reilly falsely claims Conn. was residence for Obama Sr. In an attempt to explain why Barack Obama, who lived in Hawaii as a teen, has a Social Security number that indicates he had a Connecticut […]

WND writes about AZ bill. After a glitch re Columbia records they are back on track supporting me and my work and I am the only attorney mentioned and quoted in this latest eligibility article.

     We are proceeding with the eligibility push. I just talked to Bob Unruh, chief political editor of  WND. In joint efforts and joined front we will get to the bottom of Obama’s  Columbia records controversy. As you recall, I searched for inconsistency in Obama’s records, pointing to evidence of fraud and found it in […]