Trump takes on Greta Van Sustren and tells her to drop the garbage argument

A clip from my interview with Israeli TV. You go to 11.04.2011, you will see clips from Trump interview and then a couple of clips from my interview

 You click on the date 11.04.2011 and start watching the program, which is a news revue. You can see a few clips at the beginning and later at 3:30 Actual interview lasted about 20 minutes. Typically networks show clips of the interviews. They asked me about the change of atmosphere in the U.S.  towards the eligibility […]

Great news! Trump in the first place according to WSJ. Mike Huckabee predicts presidential win for Trump

WSJ Blogs Real-time commentary and analysis from The Wall Street Journal Washington Wire Political Insight and Analysis From The Wall Street Journal’s Capital Bureau Search Washington Wire April 12, 2011, 1:20 PM ET Trump Climbs Still Higher in New Poll By Neil King Jr. Donald Trump’s dramatic ascent in the polls continues, with him coming […]


post on your site and send to your e-mail base the following message Recently Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ experienced problems with malfunctions of her web site, her mass e-mailer and problems with filing of her pleadings and needs assistance of her supporters. Currently she is unable to get to her web site/blog and post new […]