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queenofshina Submitted on 2011/04/10 at 7:25pm Interviewed by the FBI and Secret Service??? A lot of good they are! When Donald Trump finally reveals what his investigators learn about the Communist fraud sitting in the White House, both organizations should be dissolved and replaced with people who know what they are doing! Their incompetency is […]

from a supporter Jim. Thank you Jim for all your help in research

Jim Submitted on 2011/04/09 at 7:48pm “The discussions allowed Lichter to ask Trump about the Obama’s Kenyan grandmother who said President Obama was born in Kenya, and about whether he knew that the Kenyan Assemblyman, James Orengo stated on their Assembly floor that it is documented that Obama was a son of their soil. Trump […]

from protective intelligence specialist Lyle Rapacki

Not intending to begin a bunch of emails, but I thought the below article would be of some interest. Newsmax writing: White House Adviser: Trump is “Sideshow.” Well…Mr. Trump has caught their attention, and I would venture to guess there is some growing concern among the Obama thuggery. To have a Senior White House Aide […]

from a supporter Neil Roy

Hi Orly, Neill Roy commented on Dr. Orly Taitz’s post. Neill wrote: “Until some “off-the-reservation” judge allows discovery in one of the “birther’ lawsuits(hopefully, YOURS on May 2) and Pandora’s Box is opened, it seems that there is NOTHING that we “mere American citizens” can do about this fraud and disgrace to our country and […]

from supporter Eddie

just an opinion… InboxX  Reply |Edward MacIsaac to me show details 3:42 PM (3 hours ago) Dear Lady Liberty, WND  has bottomed out recently. They  are trying to give their publisher , Joseph Farah,  full credit for the campaign against aka Barack Obama. That is simply not true! They are just hoping you go away.  […]

Trump will be on CNN Candy Crowley show now

from London Daily Telegraph on “Why Obama is disrespected in the World Community”

WOW ! FROM THE LONDON DAILY TELEGRAPH InboxX  Reply |Pat And mary bowes show details 6:24 AM (1 hour ago)  Subject: : FROM THE LONDON DAILY TELEGRAPH     The American people can now more readily ‘understand’ why the Obama’s were omitted from the guest list to the Royal wedding in April! THIS FROM […]

this letter to SSA was copied to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and will be part of the record for the oral argument on May 2, 2011 at the Pasadena division of the 9th Circuit court of Appeals

These documents were submitted with the opening brief to the 9th Circuit court of Appeals

11 Documents are attached to this filing Document Description Pages 1   Main Document 36 2   Transcript of July 13.2009 hearing 60 3   Transcript of March 25, 2010 session of Assembly of Kenya, stating Obama was bor 69 4   Affidavit of investigator Susan Daniels regarding Obama’s SS number 14 5   Affidavit […]

please, write and call Judge Janine at FOX and Sarah Palin, ask her to talk about Obama’s Social Security fraud and my recent case against SSA as well as my recent findings of fraud committed by Obama in regards to his Columbia university records

Veritas Submitted on 2011/04/10 at 4:34am And NICE TO SEE SARAH coming around and supporting Mr. Trump. This from Obama Release Your Records site: ————- Video: Sarah Palin on Donald Trump’s birther stance: Glad Trump is investigating; Obama is going to great lengths to keep vital records concealed; Trump can afford to get to the […]

professor Carroll Quigley a CFR member, and author of “Tragedy and Hope” writes about both parties being almost identical in order to continue CFR policy of De facto destruction of the USA and your freedoms and property rights, which were guaranteed to you by the Constitution

 Flag this message Is this the reason why the “body politic” hates Palin & Trump? The Tea Party vs. The CFR: Sunday, April 10, 2011 5:26 AM From: The Tea Party and the CFR:   In order to be victorious, we must understand our enemy, and the enemy is  very organized and well funded. George Soros […]

I was asked to provide information on my case in the 9th Circuit court of Appeals. Here it is

  General Docket United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Docket #: 10-55084 Docketed: 01/19/2010 Nature of Suit: 3440 Other Civil Rights Pamela Barnett, et al v. Barack Obama, et al Appeal From: U.S. District Court for Central California, Santa Ana Fee Status: Paid Case Type Information:      1) civil      2) […]