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ch Submitted on 2011/04/08 at 11:33am Orly, I also know that “gadfly” is a perjorative demeaning term, and I tried to e-mail WND, and they must be getting so many complaints that my e-mail was not yet accepted!! Farah as a writer must know what it means, and I think the “men” are overwhelmed with […]

April 28 I will be speaking to estimated 150 women of “Women in Action” San Diego chapter

more attacks from the left

  Bad Hair v. Good Hair for the GOP nomination? 3:59 pm April 7, 2011, by Jay “How cute,” I thought after seeing a poll that shows Donald “Bad Hair” Trump finishing second in New Hampshire’s GOP primary, pulling 21 percent of the vote compared to 27 percent for Mitt “Good Hair” Romney. It’s a […]

History of a bill

A few months ago I visited AZ and gave a 3 hour presentation on presidential eligibility. State representative Judy Burges (pictured below ) attended this lecture. Later Judy proposed an eligibility bill, aimed at demanding Obama’s vital records and proving his eligibility. Originally, under pressure of Obama operative Kirstin Cinema bill failed in a committee. […]

More stonewalling and obstruction of justice on the most incriminating evidence that I produced:Obama’s use of a stolen CT SSN 0042-68-4425 and his fraudulent statements regarding his attendance in Columbia university

US district Court continues stonewalling and obstructing justice by not posting in the electronic docket my first amended complaint, which shows indisputable evidence that Obama is fraudulently using CT Social Security number 042-68-4425, which was issued to another individual, as well as the fact that he is lying about his Columbia records. According to the Student Clearing House […]

More attacks by Obama camp in response to a forceful presentation by Donald Trump on MSNBC “Morning Joe”

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