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 .                 Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. Meanwhile, Hollister has been following other challenges to Obama’s eligibility and noted Dr. Orly Taitz’s recent Freedom of Information Act complaint against Social Security Administration Commissioner Michael Astrue regarding the Connecticut- Meanwhile, Hollister has been following other challenges to Obama’s eligibility and noted Dr. Orly Taitz’s recent Freedom of […]

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 Flag this message May 2nd – Ninth “Circus” Thursday, March 31, 2011 6:23 AM From: “rhirish@To: “dr_taitz@yahoo.com” <dr_taitz@yahoo.com> Dear Dr. Taitz, Congratulations! What GREAT news! Now, if only some sense of REASON will at least temporarily make its presence know in the “Ninth Circus”, there is a faint ray of hope that JUSTICE MIGHT PREVAIL! […]

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Here is a Postcard package in support called Taitz_Postcards.zip Thursday, March 31, 2011 5:07 AM From: “William Davis” <liberty5@PDQ.NET> Add sender to Contacts To: dr_taitz@yahoo.com Message contains attachments 2 Files (999KB) | Download All Taitz_Picside_Postcard.jpg Taitz_Postcards.zip No virus threat detected File: Taitz_Picside_Postcard.jpgDownload File FYI The complete Taitz_Postcards.zip package is stored here for downloading as well: […]

It is time to replace Obama, committing fraud and treason with an eligible president Donald Trump

So Where is Obama’s Birth Ceritificate & His School Records? Donald Trump is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN in Respect to Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States of America Donald Trump is a natural born American Citizen, above the age of 35 and a resident of the United States of America […]

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James Lambert March 31, 2011 Lawyer files complaint w/ Soc. Sec. Dept. regarding origin of Obama’s S/S number By James Lambert Orange County Lawyer Dr. Orly Taitz, esq. has filed a formal complaint last month with the Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue regarding her contention of alleged multiple irregularities involving the President’s social security numbers. […]

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Only 2 or 3 of Bill O’Reilly’s own viewers believe O’Reilly’s spin. 7-8 out of 10 support Donald Trump and don’t believe all the garbage coming from O’Reilly and Obama

Video Below: Donald Trump appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s The Spin

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March 29 at 1:02PM by Dennis DiClaudio Donald Trump Cannot Produce Birth Certificate, Born in Kenya Probably Never let it be said that Donald Trump is a man reluctant to put his money where his mouth is. Granted, the guy has a lot of money. So, luckily, he also has a huge mouth. Since he’s […]

Interest in eligibility issue is rising. Nearly 1.3 million articles today according to Google

I usually check new articles. Typically old articles get de-linked. Today there were 1.280 million articles, under search for Orly Taitz about 5 times more than usual, which shows rising interest to the issue. I bet this will trigger massive scrubbing of the Internet and massive hacking, as I saw previously. Google… orly taitz orly […]

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ch chugenberg Submitted on 2011/03/30 at 7:13pm I hope you practice with somebody, and give your case and have them interrupt and ask questions, trying to throw you off balance, then you will get used to being pulled this way and that, and quickly returning to your own focus. Verbal Wimbledon. You are terrific and […]

I can’t believe it, but after 2 years of Obama litigation, for the first time the court of Appeals scheduled oral argument in Obama case. May 2, 9am, 9th circuit court of Appeals, Pasadena division, courtroom 1. This is Judge Carter case, where I represent Ambassador Alan Keyes, 10 state representatives and 30 members of U.S. military

Reply |ca9_ecfnoticing@ca9.uscourts.gov to me show details 6:24 PM (3 hours ago) ***NOTE TO PUBLIC ACCESS USERS*** Judicial Conference of the United States policy permits attorneys of record and parties in a case (including pro se litigants) to receive one free electronic copy of all documents filed electronically, if receipt is required by law or directed […]

this interview was shown recently on several Time -Warner and Cox stations

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Sallie Daggy Submitted on 2011/03/27 at 4:35pm Your “AWESOME” Orly and real patriotic pit bull that never quits until the truth is revealed…. I researched Obama during the 2008 campaign and knew he was not eligible to run for President…it was all a cover up from the doctored up Presidential Campaign Form as well as […]

Correction on radio show in MS

Brian Submitted on 2011/03/29 at 8:02pm Correction: 103.9 WYAB FM. 5-6p.m. *Central* Correction: 103.9 WYAB FM. 5-6p.m. *Central*  some new shows in MS and IL 0 #

p: “Obama, you are fired!”

mr trump just posted his birth certificat​e. great move. InboxX  Reply |alex j rynkiewicz to me show details 4:58 PM (19 hours ago)  dr orly taitz; GREETINGS     “OBAMA(SOETORO) YOU’RE FIRED” COULD BE TRUMPS GREATEST LINE IN HISTORY!!!  YOU AND COL LAKIN DESERVE THE CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR. I KEEP POSTING THIS TO CONGRESSMEN AND SENATORS.  […]

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