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I am really blessed with great supporters. Yesterday Dr. Kelso came to visit me from TX, she is an amazing patriot. She donated $100, Paula donated $50, Phil Olmstead $25 thank you From August I got $10, 949 to cover $20,000 of  legal extortion imposed by Judge Clay D. Land in Columbus GA to keep […]

Zbigniew Brzezinski – Honorary Doctorate – Comenius Univ 2.11.2000. Is Comenius university a front?

Zbigniew Brzezinski – Honorary Doctorate – Comenius Univ 2.11.2000 InboxX  Reply |Paula  show details 7:18 PM (2 hours ago) Dear Orly, http://web.archive.org/web/20101210213532/http://foto.uniba.sk/displayimage.php?album=7&pos=26 Udalosti=Events > Osobnosti=People Photo: 27/51 Zbigniew Brzezinski, poradca prezidenta USA = Advisor to the President USA cestný doktorát = Honorary Doctorate 2.11.2000 ——————————————————— Translator: http://www.stars21.com/translator/slovak_to_english.html ———————————————————- http://www.jonesreport.com/article/02_08/200208_obama_brzezinski.html Meet Obama’s Foreign Policy Brain: Zbigniew […]

Report on my visit to U.N.

I attended UN and was able to participate in discussion on 2 issues: one had to do with the “The new dynamics of Multilateralism” and the second was “Reforming the international Monetary and Financial architecture” As you can understand that those were the topics I had to deal with and I had to weave in topics […]

Demand repeal of quantative easing, demand resignation of Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner and William Dudley or or market bidding on any and all US and State gov contracts obtained by the Fed today authomatically

AIG bonuses Main article: AIG bonus payments controversy Although President Obama expressed strong support for Geithner, the outrage over the AIG bonuses has undermined public support. AIG paid bonuses to executives in its Financial Services division after receiving more than $170 billion in federal bailout aid.[43] Even prior to the election, senior aides to Timothy […]

Thousands joined English Defense League demonstrations against islamization. They are carrying British, Swedish, American, Israeli flags

Please, call every senator, demand not to vote for the Dream act. It will further spike the joblessness, national debt and will undermine our constitutional rights

 Flag this message Fwd: House passes “Nightmare Act”; Senate defeat is last hope Sunday, December 12, 2010 2:09 PM From: “Grnjllybn@aol.com” <Grnjllybn@aol.com> Add sender to Contacts To: grnjllybn@aol.com Message contains attachments 1 File (49KB) House passes “Nightmare Act”; Senate defeat is last hope.eml HOW DARE THEY SPEAK OF GUARANTEEING JOBS FOR  ILLEGALS FOR TEN YEARS WHEN […]

Congressman Alan West is thought to be a future candidate for the position of secretary of defense or possibly at some point a Republican candidate for President or Vice President

DOD does not vet high officials

Bill Zarkos Submitted on 2010/12/11 at 11:50pm Jeremy Johnson. Would you believe Barack H.Obama AKA Barry Soetero DOES NOT HAVE A SECURITY CLEARANCE??!!! I confirmed this fact back in September 2008 – Yes, before the Election. DOD sent me a reply from the FBI that said they do not Vet “High” elected officials but rely […]

Saturday Night Live is really enjoying their residence in my birther kingdom. Can I collect some royal tax in the form of some show tickets for me, my husband and my 3 sons? Just checking

Did Mark Maddow, Picower, Friedman and others really commit suicide or were they silenced??? did someone wanted to make sure they don’t testify? Do you remember a sudden deadly heart attack of Jim MacDugal, a day after he stated he would testify? What about the murder of LT Querles Harris? Is Acair still alive? Why is Rezko in protective custody and without a formal sentence?

Michelle Submitted on 2010/12/12 at 7:04am Dear Dr. Orly- On “Criminal Minds” they were investigating many “apparent suicides”. How the murderer did it was he gave the victim some kind of drug that rendered them immobile and he/she “arranged” the scene-for appearance sake it looked like murder. It was some drug that was very hard […]

In spite of nearly 500 pages of horrific defamation of my character by Philip J. Berg, Lisa Liberi, her mother Dorothy Waddell and the rest of their accomplices, Third Circuit Court of Appeals denied their motion for restraining order against me. I am free to post this truthful information, showing that Lisa Liberi, assistant for attorney Philip J. Berg, is a convicted document forger and thief, who got 8 year prison term in CA in 2008, and who is currently on probation. The question remains: why is licensed attorney Berg continuously working with a convicted forger Liberi and submitting documents to multiple courts ans viciously attacking me and other innocent individuals?

Case FWV028000 – Defendants Seq Defendant Next Court Date Status Agency / DR Number Arrest Date Count 1 Charge Violation Date 1  LIBERI , LISA R      RA 110013759  05/18/2001  PC 115(A)  05/18/2001    ALIAS: LIBERI, LISA R   ALIAS: COURVILLERICHARDSON, LISA   ALIAS: LIBERI, LISA A   ALIAS: RICHARDSON, LISA C   ALIAS: […]

Listen to Aaron Klein on 77 WABC

Aaron Klein TODAY is Aaron Klein Radio! 2-4 PM EST on WABC. While the media pours through the U.S. cables posted by WikiLeaks, I’ll go over the cables the media is strangely ignoring and what they reveal. John Bolton joins me to discuss whether WikiLeaks founder should be treated like a terrorist. Also, Frank Gaffney […]

As the queen of the birthers I am delighted to welcome comedian Jay Leno in my kingdom