100 seat room is full in Holiday Inn, Surprise AZ 10.09.10 at 1pm Standing room only left

Jeff Lichter commented on your status. Jeff wrote: “Dr. Taitz will be speaking in Surprise, Arizona at the Holiday Inn this coming Saturday (10/9) on this subject and much more….. As of now, Oct. 3rd, 105 seats are taken for the event, with just five (5) left so hurry.  Limited standing room.”

8/28 Tea party rally shows hundreds of times more people, than the astroturf flop staged on 10/02/10 by the Obama regime and paid from union funds

CSteven Tucker’s Wall Back to Profile Click on people’s faces in the photo to tag them. Warren will be asked to approve all tags before others can see them.

If Dems are questioning Meg Whitman’s cleaning lady, using someone else’s social security number, it is green light for Republicans to ask Obama about his use of 042-68-4425, issued to another individual in CT

About a week ago Jim DeMint was on CNN,  Candy Crowley show and was asked “Why are Democrats so happy about your tea-party candidates, believing that they are easy to beat?” Demint responded “They are faking it”. It is a clear case of reverse psychology. Dems worked overtime to denigrate the tea party candidates, not […]

Where are the Republican senatorial team players?

While we see Bill Clinton doing fund raiser after fund raiser and helping Democrat senatorial candidates, we do not see prominent Republicans stepping up for their senatorial candidates, who need support. While congressional candidates from safe districts step up for fellow candidates on the bubble, this is not happening in senatorial races.  For example, Laura […]