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 Flag this message Fw: Must watch: Alice, the lady in apartment #6 Sunday, October 31, 2010 2:13 PM From: “Kathleen Martin” > View contact details To: “*Samueli, Susan”, “Weinstein, Ellie” ,  “Taitz, Orly”, “#Aarons-Stridh, Jen” Please watch this! What a marvelous woman! Kathleen —– Original Message —– From: Frances Fenton To: Kathleen Martin Sent: Saturday, […]

from supporter Art Olszewski

    Judge Royce Lamberth US District Court of DC 1101 13th St NW Washington DC   20001   REF:  Case 10-151   Your Honor:   It’s has been nearly 3 months since Dr. Orly Taitz filed her 60-B motion for reconsideration. Your last denial in this was for “no standing”. Since then she has provided […]

What about PA? What about Chuck?

Chuck Shummer is sending e-mails everywhere, stating tha Democrats have an opening in PA, however I don’t see it. Most polls and particularly the most reliable Rasmussen poll show Pat Toomey R 4% ahead of his opponent Joe Sestak-D. Marist shows him 7% ahead and an average of 2 recent polls from a left leaning Muhlenberg […]


  How To Become A Swimsuit Model – Ask.com The beauties that hit the Sports Illustrated cover worked hard to earn their spot as a swimsuit model. … When did USSR-born former swimsuit model Orly Taitz become a citi… how-to.ask.com/other/how_to_become_a_swimsuit_model – Proxy – Highlight Answer 1992. you could ask me directly, no need to run […]

Please, fight pro-Obama media bias. Please, make calls for Dino Rossi-R WA and for John Raese-R WV. They are the last two seats needed for the Senate to change hands.

Please, see below a title to a clip from the Tea Party convention in TN. They titled it Tea Party Nazis and list Sarah Palin  and me. They cut out my interview and completely misrepresented it. Yesterday one of my supporters called distraught. She said that apparently someone is calling employers and harassing them, demanding […]

Egregious elections fraud

The BRAD BLOG : Federal Judge Rules in Favor of NC GOP in Touch … VIDEO: ‘Orly Taitz‘ Andy Self-Destructs on MSNBC • Breitbart is a Criminal, According to Breitbart’s Logic • ACORN Defund Bill ‘Unconstitutional’ After GOP … www.bradblog.com/?p=8162 – 3624 1 hour ago Comment from Orly: If yopu recall, right after the primary […]

Free Commander Fitzpatrick! He was thrown in prison for challenging “professional” Jury Foreman, who was placed by the establishment and allowed to sit as the Grand Jury foreman for 20 years. Foreman refused to let Fitzpatrick present criminal charges against Obama to the grand Jury. We have a dictatorship and a tyranny. Jury foreman for 20 years does not represent citizen grand jury. He is a puppet of the establishment.

 Flag this message UPDATE ! CMDR Fitzpatrick ! Dialog with the Devil – Can’t Handle the Truth !!! Saturday, October 30, 2010 8:46 PM From: “chuckolb”MCSD-Badge2.gif          Voter Responsibilities http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKFnjfm17bo (link if above player is missing)   http://www.judeo-christianvoterguide.com/ http://wallbuilders.com/       UPDATE ! CMDR Fitzpatrick ! Dialog with the Devil – Can’t Handle […]

Please, report Daily KOS to the deparment of Justice, Judiciary committee of House of Rep and Inspector General for repeatedly defrauding the public

ACTION ALERT: Orly Taitz posting SSNs online–again ShareNew  0 Christian Dem in NC’s diary :: ::   Daily KOS is a far left comi internet rag, which is engaging in  defrauding and brainwashing of  innocent young people. Please, read their article above. They are intentionally misrepresenting the truth, they claim, that I am publishing a social […]

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Before it’s News 28 Oct Barnett/Keyes v Obama Appeal: Attorney Orly Taitz and Attorney Gary Kreep File their Reply Briefs in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. … beforeitsnews.com/ – 144 2 minutes ago Anti-Mullah The case involves several dozen additional plaintiffs, including ambassador Alan Keyes, who are being represented by California attorney Orly Taitz […]

Definitely, it would be my Honor, Ronald Reagan was my hero

facebook Hi Orly, Michael Reagan wants to be friends with you on Facebook.   Michael Reagan   Thanks, The Facebook TeamRespond now:

Please, look at the table. Obama’s SS number 042-68-4425 was given to another individual in CT, when he lived in HI. This is evidence of SS fraud, it is a criminal offense which calls for a prison term. Judges, refusing to hear these cases are obstructing justices. Judge Land aided and abetted perpetration of a crime by sanctioning me, in order to cover up this crime. These judges need to be held accountable together with Obama. Please forward all the info, in my pleadings to your congressmen, senators, US attorneys and AGs. Demand immediate investigation and prosecution

Decoding Social Security Numbers in One Step Stephen P. Morse , San Francisco Three-Digit Decoder SSN starting with 001 to 003004 to 007008 to 009010 to 034035 to 039040 to 049050 to 134135 to 158159 to 211212 to 220221 to 222223 to 231232 to 232233 to 236237 to 246247 to 251252 to 260261 to 267268 […]

Article in World Net Daily about my Petition for Writ of certiorari filed with the Supreme Court

From: This sender is DomainKeys verified “Ann Moorman” <View contact details To: dr_taitz@yahoo.com http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=221373     BORN IN THE USA? Lawyer: ‘Environment is more favorable for judges to decide on the merits without fear’ Posted: October 30, 2010 1:00 am Eastern By Brian Fitzpatrick © 2010 WorldNetDaily Orly Tait   California attorney Orly Taitz says the changing […]

America on Line runs a threat “Why doesn’t Glenn Beck ever invite Orly Taitz to his show”. Please, comment and demand from FCC and networks to stop aiding and abetting treason and ObamaFraud, start speaking up the truth about Obama’s complete illegitimacy to U.S. Presidency

    Main Ask Sign Up Explore Send Feedback 22 Comments Report AAA Back to question Answer 4 of 5See all answers Discuss coach503’s answer to: Why doesn’t Glenn Beck ever have Orly Taitz on his show   coach503 Answered: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4WsG9H8eh0 Think he is eligible? Posted 13 days ago Comments (22) Helpful? (1) Add your […]

the answer is no

  HuffPostComments ljc Comments (30076) | Friends (369) Networker Superuser Moderator Commented on: ABC Taps Andrew Breitbart For Election Night Analysis Read More: Andrew Breitbart, Election Night 2010, Andrew Breitbart 2010 Elections, Election Night, 2010 Election Coverage, 2010 Elections, Andrew Breitbart ABC News, ABC News, Media News ljc Commented 51 minutes ago in Media 0 […]

Reject NWO mafia puppet Lisa Murkowski, support Joe Miller-R AK. Read the latest from Sarah Palin

Lisa, are you going to shut down my Facebook page for writing this? by Sarah Palin on Friday, October 29, 2010 at 9:20pm Yesterday, Lisa Murkowski’s hired guns threatened radio host Dan Fagan, and more importantly, the station that airs Fagan’s show, with legal action for allegedly illegal “electioneering.” The station, unlike Murkowski, who is […]

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