Please add your name in this thread if you support a petition to recall mayor Bloomberg for his antiAmerican policies

Unbelievable Censorship: Bloomberg’s MTA Refuses to Allow 911 Images: Bans Ground Zero Bus Campaign Posted by Darla, ADMIN / National Director on August 7, 2010 at 11:28am in Admin Alerts View Discussions From Act for America Friday, August 06, 2010 SIOA Lawsuit against NYC: Bloomberg’s MTA Refuses to Allow 911 Images: Bans Ground Zero Bus […]

Everybody needs to know what happened with the application to Clarence Thomas and about a new one to Justice Alito

 |More stats about Greta this Sunday Sunday, August 8, 2010 7:31 AM From: This sender is DomainKeys verified “jose Barrera” contact details To: “Dr Orly” <dr_taitz@yahoo.com> There are fully 14 threads on GRETA which begin with ORLY: Most are SUPPORTING YOUR ELIGIBILITY QUEST others are parodies and criticisms and insults but the Truth of the MATTER […]

Can someone make banners and T-shirts “Get LT. Col Dr. Lakin out of prison, put the usurper and the rest of the traitors in prison?” I will post info on those on my site.

Please make signs and banners “Free Lt. Col Dr. Lakin”

There are practical things we can do: 1. I need an address, where we can send cards and presen ts to Lt. Col Lakin Please, find out what military allows to be shipped. I will post the list. 2. We need banners all over the country “Free Lakin 3. We need yellow ribbons and buttons, […]

What have you done to help your country? To have real transparency, to make sure that criminals don’t take away our constitutional rights and don’t bankrupt the whole Nation?

Chito Papa Submitted on 2010/08/08 at 2:33am To Charlie, Orly does not want any one with criminal record to be associated with her. Phil Berg is discredited for employing one with a criminal record. Orly got about 500,000 votes in CA alone. She has millions across the nations supporting her and her cause. George Washington […]

http://www.prisonplanet.com/swine-flu-investigator-jane-burgermeister-faces-prison.html    —– Original Message —– From: Björn To: jane burgermeister Cc: Ulf ; Don Fredrick Sent: Saturday, August 07, 2010 8:27 PM Subject: Thomas Jefferson was so right Jane, You deserve as much appreciation and support as the brave Lt.Col. Terry Lakin right now. Hopefully the best among americans will also observe your situation and […]

Every decent New Yorker should sign a petition to recall Michael Bloomberg from the position of the mayor of NY. He is a disgrace to NY and he is a disgrace to Jews arond the World

Shut Up, He Explained Mayor Michael Bloomberg to New Yorkers By William Kristol – Weekly Standard – August 16, 2010 Last Tuesday, standing in front of the Statue of Liberty, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke on the subject of the proposed mosque at Ground Zero. His remarks will be read with curiosity by future […]

Chris Mathews from MSNBC said that I need to be tied up like a witch to the stake for doubting Obama’s legitimacy, but in 2007 he personally stated that Obama was born in Indonesia. Chris Mathews is a number 1 birther

Chrissy Mathews – birther InboxX  Reply |Mike to me, Orly show details 5:24 AM (7 hours ago) Well, well, well. It seems Chrissy “Tingles” Mathews is a “birther” himself. From December 18, 2007 MSNBC Hardball Transcript But didn‘t Hillary dump on Obama a few days ago for playing up his Indonesian roots? So, what is […]

Escalation in the Sea of Japan. An act of agression against a second ship perpetrated by the Communist North Korea

The TimesThe Sunday Times Archive Article Please enjoy this article from The Times & The Sunday Times archives. For full access to our content, please subscribe here MY PROFILE From Times Online July 30, 2009 North Korea captures South Korean fishing boat Times Online North Korea towed a South Korean fishing boat to one of […]

Very biased, one sided coverage of ObamaFraudGate by America on Line

  Elena Kagan Sworn In as Fourth Woman on Supreme Court WikiLeaks to Publish New Documents 70 People Involved in Brawl at DC Transit Station Taliban Killings Could Cool U.S. Missionary Impulse Ariz. Prison Escapees Linked to NM Killings ADL ‘Stunned’ By Zakaria’s Decision to Return Prize Vegetables Eyed in Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Taco […]