Now my yahoo account is being suspended. feels like back in the Communist Soviet Union, and I was so happy to get out of the Communist dictatorship, now we got it here

Mail Delivery Subsystem to me show details 11:42 PM (49 minutes ago) Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:     dr_taitz@yahoo.com Technical details of permanent failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this […]

Mary Beth HarrisonAugust 31, 2010 at 10:53pm Subject: Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hi, Dr.Taitz. I read on your website that you had a birthday yesterday. Hope it was a great one. Thanks for all you are doing, and know that I am praying for you.

A number of people have reported that the conters on a number of you tube videos are frozen or turned back, just like elections ballot counters, see the similarity?

Re: TAITZ UpDATE 1.1 InboxX  Reply |William J. Wagener to me show details 11:40 PM (46 minutes ago)  Dr. Orly TAITZ,          Here is the audio augmented and sub titled in part : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkA9FqiELdY  Funny it went to 301 views in 8 hours, and then has stated locked at 301 views for last 12 hours. […]

Pamela Barnett posted on your Wall. Pamela wrote: “Happy Birthday my good friend!  Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight!! I pray that God will look after you and your family and that he will grant us justice for our country.”

Please, join this rally and support our soldiers, who risked their lives for you, and are now being imprisoned for defending you against the terrorists

Info InboxX  Reply |Stephanie F to Orly, me show details 11:10 PM (22 minutes ago) Orly,   Here is the Leavenworth information.   You asked me to call you.  What is going on?   Steph PLEASE REMEMBER THIS UPCOMING EVENT AND SUPPORT IT ANYWAY THAT YOU CAN.  PLEASE PASS THIS ONTO OTHERS AND DO NOT […]

Until the old account is being fixed, please go to my new Facebook account with this picture

More evidence of violation of Constitutional rights under Obama-Holder regime

While all the systems of checks and balances are dead and paralysed and all the US Attorneys and judges are either ignorant or impotent to uphold the laws and the Constitution, the regime is hard at work in harassing and intimidating the dissidents and trying to isolate them. Suspension of my face-book is only a […]

it is so repugnant, to put your trust in US judges only to find out that some of them are anything but honorable

Elizabeth Submitted on 2010/08/31 at 8:44pm Having read the affidavit and bio of the Brigadier General, we are all feeling, I am sure, that this is KEY to turning the tide for Lt.Col. Lakin as well as for the entire treasonous situation involving Congress, the Supreme Court judges and their clerks, the corrupt judges who […]

OREILLY: Obama like “OUR MISS BROOKS” InboxX  Reply |jose Barrera to me, Dr show details 9:07 PM (50 minutes ago) O’Reilly became HILARIOUSLY PITHY after the Obama Speech quipping that Barack Obama (aka SOEBARKAH) “sat there with hands folded like OUR MISS BROOKS!” I am not sure actress, Eve Arden, would be pleased with that […]

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Supports Defense Request for Discovery of Obama’s Records

Press-Release-08-31-10.pdf Affidavit-of-Lt.-General-McInerney-AS-FILED.pdf

more lies

More lies from Barry Soetoro aka Muslim Imam Barack Obama: How to create jobs… …From a man who has never held a real job. How to run our businesses… …From a man who has never run a business.. How great ObamaCare is… …From a man whose family will not be required to use it.. How […]

Now they are blocking comments on my blog

How bad is comrade Obama regime? Look at the bottom. Facebook does not allow me to add myself as a friend.

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Mrs. Feldman from FL, who called me recently, please call me at 949-683-5411

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