I was not planning to make a big deal about the next hearing in my case against Dunn, however this Marxist scum from the ultra left yellow gazette OC weekly, Spencer Kornhaber,  decided to mount yet another attack on me. First he posted a  picture, where I am unrecognizable, then he called my legitimate legal action […]

I have now 496,311votes. So what will happen to 1.7 million ballots that were cast but not counted?

Demand that FBI investigate Obama, using SS numbers of others

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I will be doing Brian Hill show wswgm talk radio on Friday at 8pm. You can call 347-989-0106 Joyce Riley power hour next week, I will keep you apprised of the day and time.

Posted by uswgo at 12:15 pm June 29, 2010 1 COMMENT Brian Hill’s “rise of the new right” debunking spree gone Viral, part 2 gone on Orly Taitz website Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News Even though it’s taking longer then expected to get all the case videos out because of slow upload […]

Video clip, where obama says he was born in Kenya, is doctored, chain letter “very quietly eligibility case reaches Supreme Court is a hoax”

I asked Dr. Ron Polarik to check the video where Obama supposedly states that he was born in Kenya Here are his findings: To: “Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ” <dr_taitz@yahoo.com> It’s a phony voice-over collated from many pieces of other recordings; like “I was born in” [Recording #1]+”Kenya”[Recording #2], etc… Had his back turned when he […]

Is it FL 2000 all over again?

How many of you remember FL in year 2,000? What happened there? Deadline came and they simply stopped counting. On the website of the Secretary of state of Ca there is an area, which is called “County Reporting Status”. It has a total number of registered votes and the total number of ballots cast in […]

Just saying it’s so, doesn’t it make it so. “Obama, show us that SS application you filled in CT and show us the long form BC with the name of the doctor and hospital and signatures”

Jim Submitted on 2010/06/24 at 4:25am “Unlike Alice in Wonderland, simply saying something doesn’t make it so” That’s correct. Just saying Obama is a natural born citizen ( he himself won’t even go that far. All he has ever said is that he is native born ) or that he was born in Hawaii, doesn’t […]

Lady Patriot Submitted on 2010/06/29 at 8:37pm lol,Elizabeth Couldn’t have said it better myself hahaha But…….that said,perhaps it is better that we ALL witness the constant attacks on Orly in order to fully understand what she goes thru on a daily basis in our behalf Martin is just scared because Orly has nearly 500,000 in […]

Norman B. Murray — 515 Amber Avenue — Tremonton, Utah 84337 – Tel. 435-257-1712 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              435-257-1712      end_of_the_skype_highlighting – Fax 435-257-2185 Senator Orrin G. Hatch c/o Ms. Pat Godfrey 8402 Federal Building Salt Lake City, Utah 84138 Fax: 801-524-4379 Dear Senator Hatch: Please strongly oppose the nominee, Ms. Elena Kagen, advancing to a lifetime appointment on the U. […]

Now I have 495,034 votes and an order to show cause issued against Dunn, things are not bad

Taitz v Dunn, Superior Court Judge Corey Cramin issues an order to show cause on defendant Dunn, re Stay of Certifcation of votes

An order to show cause was issued by Superior Court Judge Corey Cramin  in Taitz v Dunn upon motion by the paintiff  Taitz against defendant Dunn. Complaint is filed on the issues of Elections Contest and fraud. Here are some explantions for  the readers of this blog, who are not attorneys. 1. What is an order […]

Nov 3 we need an access to eachand every paper ballot and verification of eligibility of voters

Evelyn Submitted on 2010/06/28 at 5:06pm Dear Prof. Brian, From one born in KS and graduated from Stephens in Columbia, MO it is a pleasure to hear that someone like you at the college level in the Midwest has the courage to voice your positive opinions about Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. being RIGHT. Now, I […]

I need help in research

  There is a clip going around, where Obama himself is saying that he was born in Kenya, I need authentication of this clip: where did it come from. It looks like Obama is talking to a group of students, but I need an authentication from the network that recorded it, stating that it was […]

What’s good for the goose…

Governors of 35 states have already filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon them. It takes only 38 of the 50 States to convene a Constitutional Convention. An idea whose time has come! For years and years we have been complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea […]

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