Lady Patriot Submitted on 2010/05/30 at 12:14pm Well said Lady Liberty!! They still believe they can lie and defraud the American people but even as we speak more and more are awakening to the horrors we face. The day is coming when we will see them behind bars for their treachery and deceit. Personally,I would […]

Bonnie Zito commented on your link: “Fabulous and very professional video Orly. Bravo.”

Pickens Plan Energy Independence Petition http://www.pickensplan.com/petition/inde… I just signed the Pickens Plan Energy Independence Petition. Join me and tell your legislators we need a plan NOW! 0 of 0Choose a Thumbnail No Thumbnail

Letter from Desert Storm veteran and a plaintiff David Smithey responding to vicious slander by talk show host Steve Frank

Stephen Frank please retract your statements regarding Orly Taitz Inbox Mr.  Frank, I am joined to this email thread and have read through its entirety.  I am responding to your quote “At the end of the day I have an ex-football player vs. an attorney who has filed numerous lawsuits against Obama–and what does she […]

San Diego tea Party recommends Dr. Orly Taitz for CA Sec of State

Good news looks like you have support of San Diego Tea Party!!! InboxX  Reply |P. B. to me show details 8:09 AM (2 hours ago) Keep up the hard work Orly!!  Your efforts of exposing fraud are paying off!!  http://groups.google.com/group/TeaPartyNews/web/voter-guide-draft?pli=1   Pamela

Watch on second thought video

Evelyn Submitted on 2010/05/29 at 9:24pm If people want to see more truth visit http://www.onsecondthought.tv/taitz1.htm http://www.onsecondthought.tv/taitz2.htm Interesting videos. I just discovered them today. Evelyn Washington Post writes about my run for CA Sec of State, my video interview to ABC TV and their belief that GOP cannot beat incumbent Debra Bowen. We’ll see about that. […]

Letter from plaintiff Pamela Barnett to talk show host Steve Frank

Stephen Frank please retract your statements regarding Orly Taitz InboxX  Reply |P. B. to me, Steve, Charles, George, Christopher, Neil, David, Hon, Gail, Alexander, Christina, Jonathan, Evelyn, Zonya show details 9:11 AM (45 minutes ago) Mr. Frank,   I am the lead plaintiff on CPT Pamela Barnett v. Obama in federal court in California currently […]

Yesterday evening I spoke to over a 100 voters at the tea party in Laguna Hills. Other speakers were can candidate for Sheriff Bill Hunt and candidate for Attorney General John Easman and American Independent party candidate Shalene Nightingale

Letter to talk show host Stephen Frank re upcoming court hearing in Barnett v Dunn, Bowen and Brown.

Rebuttal letter sent to talk show host  and political commentator Steve Frank stephenfrank@sbcglobal.net  Mr. Frank, you are slandering me and defrauding the public again and again. The fact that my opponent lifelong Democrat Damon Dunn, running in Republican primary, defrauded the public, was not known to you before. I did not bring this issue before, […]

Sign a petition here: Jan Brewer for President of the United States after I remove our Kenyan Communist Usurper

Arizona Governor Removes State’s Top Attorney From Defense of Immigration Law   Published May 29, 2010 Gov. Jan Brewer has pushed aside Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard in the state’s defense of its new law clamping down on illegal immigrants. (AP) Gov. Jan Brewer has pushed aside the state’s attorney general in Arizona’s defense of […]

Newsletter 05.29.10 Good news

Newsletter 05.29.10. This was a remarkable week. I travelled hundreds of miles all over the State and met over a 1,000 voters. Yesterday 34 leaders of different Tea Party Patriots groups, 9/12 Patriots groups and Campaign for Liberty groups conducted a conference call and were able to achieve a consensus in support of several candidacies.  My was […]

from independant political report

AUDIOChelene Nightingale Receives the Endorsement of Former Congressman Tom Tancredo May 19th, 2010 · 215 Comments Chelene Nightingale, a candidate for Governor of California under the banner of the American Independent Party, spent the weekend campaigning at the California Eagle Forum, which was held in San Diego with over 350 attendees. The Eagle Forum is […]

European meltdown

Is Europe heading for a meltdown? This financial crisis is worse than the sub-prime crash of 2008 because the sums are so much bigger and it is governments that are in dire straits. Edmund Conway explains the dangers.   By Edmund Conway Published: 8:21AM BST 27 May 2010 Comments 201 | Comment on this article […]

My interview at KFI Am 640, John and Ken Show. Around 6pm a voter talks about Damon Dunn and voter fraud and after that the audience chants “liars, thiefs and whores”.

TAX REVOLT 2010     Tuesday, May 25, 2010 2-7PM 2PM ‘Healthy Discussion of Issues” LIVE with GOP Senate Candidates -Tom Campbell -Chuck DeVore -Carly Fiorina 5PM The John and Ken Trial of the Tax Traitors -Mike Villines -Dave Cogdill -Darrell Steinberg -Karen Bass John and Ken Home Page KFI AM 640 Twitter KFI AM 640 Facebook […]

Republican Club meeting today at Laguna Woods

 Newsletter MAY 28, 2010  Dr. Orly Taitz for CA Secretary of State” Today Jon Coupal, president of Howard Jarwis association  and Dr. Orly Taitz, Republican candidate for CA Secretary of State have given  speeches  for Republican club of Laguna Woods. Over 200 Republican voters were present at the event.  Dr. Taitz was well received. Most attendees expressed their desire to vote […]

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