Rick Damato show

I just did Rick Damato show 1170 KCSQ Los angeles The show was done by Ronda Denison, who endorsed me .

Porterville post endorsed Dr. Taitz

Dear Orly,   I am not getting any of your newsletters as far as I know.  Never have I received even one.    From what screen name are you sending them?  I’m on AOL.   GOOD NEWS: This morning I had a phone call from Larry Lucketta, Editor of Porterville Post.   The Porterville Post Endorses […]

Washington Post writes about my run for CA Sec of State, my video interview to ABC TV and their belief that GOP cannot beat incumbent Debra Bowen. We’ll see about that. If CA superior court judge in Barnett v Dunn et al follows the law, he will remove from the ballot Dunn, current Sec of State Dem. Debra Bowen and current Atty Gen of CA and Dem candidate for Governor Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown, also Dem. So far no hearing date in Barnett v Dunn et al. If no hearing is scheduled today, Barnett will go to the Court of Appeals with an emergency request for writ of mandate.

  RIGHT NOW INSIDE THE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WITH DAVID WEIGEL Orly Taitz, the candidate Hello undefined |  Change Preferences | Sign Out Sign In | Register Now TODAY’S NEWSPAPER Subscribe | PostPoints The “queen of the Birthers” (a name I think the Orange County newspapers deserve credit for), now a candidate […]

Even far left Huff post is critisizing Obama’s policy of appeasement. Mexican president Calderon needs to clean his own house before he lectures us and points his finger at AZ. Reminder: boycott corrupt HI politicians, who sealed Obama’s records, cancel your plans to go to HI and instead visit Grand Canyon and support AZ.

Wednesday’s White House dinner with Mexico’s president Felipe Calderón may serve as the culmination of President Obama’s failed strategy of appeasement. Obama has not demanded concrete results in the “drug war” or asked hard questions about human rights, corruption and judicial reform. The administration has been distracted by a sweet-talking Mexican foreign policy team. If […]