this is the station where I spoke today

Search Results KFI AM 640 More Stimulating Talk Radio KFI AM 640, More Stimulating Talk Radio, is the highest rated news/talk station in Los Angeles and is regularly ranked the #1 talk station in America. www.kfiam640.com – 86k – Cached

John and Ken KFI AM 640 radio interview today. You can hear it on podcast, they have a large audience

My ABC interview- candidate for CA Sec of state statement

Your video is great!   http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/feature?section=news/politics/local_elections&id=7429583 Regards, George Miller http://venturacountyteaparty.com

 Clear flag Election Fraud – Damon Dunn fax delivery receipts Tuesday, May 25, 2010 1:10 AM From: “Arnie Rosner View contact details To: “Debera Bowen” <191616534795@efaxsend.com> Cc: “Arnie Rosner” <arnie@arnierosner.com> Message contains attachments 4 Files (29KB) | Download All Successful transmission to 17605991178. Re: Election Fraud – Damon Dunn Successful transmission to 17149607806. Re: Election […]

Date: Tue, 25 May 2010 02:03:48 -0400 From:  Subject: Absolutely…and so should every state…including NY. To:  Fox News       Oklahoma AG nominee vows to sue U.S. over illegal immigration    Former state Sen. Scott Pruitt — a candidate for Oklahoma attorney general — plans to announce on Thursday that, if elected, he will sue the federal government […]

from Jeff Schwilk, founder of San Diego Minuteman

Orly Word is getting around….I sent this to a bunch of people today….we have to make this go viral….     Christina,  I am forwarding this msg from Jeff Schwilk, a friend of mine and founder of San Diego Minuteman group.  This is such a huge election and the opposition will stop at nothing.   […]

when pro-Obama marxist thugs write comments to Washington Post and call me, Michelle Bachmann, Andrew Breitbart, Beck and Sarah Palin, right wing crazies, it is a good sign that I am on a right track, I am in a good company and I am doing the right thing for America. Please, spread the word and support my campaign for Ca secretary of state. And what do they mean by saying that it is one ground zero? I hope they are not pinpointing a ground zero target for an attack.

Lou Dobbs will headline next Tea Party Convention Tea Party Nation announces that Lou Dobbs, the former CNN and current radio host, will be the big star at its National Tea Party Unity Convention in July in Las Vegas. Says Dobbs: I have had two great experiences with the Tea Party movement, in New Orleans […]

PDFs: Voter Guide & Fraud Complaint to Ms. Debra Bowen, CA SOS, with Attachments

Voter Guide & Fraud Complaint with Attachments Part #1 5-25-2010 Voter Guide & Fraud Complaint with Attachments Part #2 5-25-2010

Voter Guide & Fraud Complaint to Ms. Debra Bowen, CA SOS

Invitation to conference of the international criminal bar in Hague

From Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.: I need to let people know that I was invited to participate in a conference of the international criminal bar in Hague, I can spread the word there about this Coup D’etat in the US, it will be June 25-26 in Hague, but I will need donations or sponsors and advertisers […]

Letter to Senator Orrin G. Hatch on the Senate Judiciary Committee

From reader Jim

Jim Submitted on 2010/05/24 at 9:39pm Let’s hope that Judge Lamberth uses some common sense when deciding on this. Since this number was issued in 1976-1977, there is only one way that a number could be issued from Conn. without actually living there. That is to have a mailing address in Conn. Now for the […]

Why WND didn’t write about Obama SS fraud for a year and a half, that I have been writing about it?

Svetlana Submitted on 2010/05/24 at 9:58pm I just don’t understand why WND didn’t run with the SSN story long time ago ??? Answer from Orly: I can’t tell for sure. I have been outspoken about SS fraud for a year and a half now. For the first time that I remember speaking  about it publicly, was a […]

Were Clintons aware of Obama SS fraud? Was a deal made for them to stay silent?

Veritas Submitted on 2010/05/25 at 2:49am and now POLITICO is reporting that BILL CLINTON dissed “BIRTHERS” at a talk at YALE UNIVERSITY just recently! If BILL is having conniptions at YALE, that means that the whole chain of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY COMMAND is worried silly! They are all wilting before our very eyes! There is […]