Write to senator Scott Brown, ask him to join the law suit and bring the matter to the Judicial committee of Senate

Dear Dr. Taitz,          Is it possible that the newly elected Sen. Scott Brown can recognize the scope of the illegitimacy of this impostor and the constitutional crisis?          He is perhaps the first Senator who formally is not guilty in that the impostor was seated during his watch. If he could recognize his mission […]

Thank you

I am usually swamped and don’t have time to thank people. In the last couple of days I got help and support from Mr. Scott, Mr. Eldridge, Ms Hoehn, Mr. Wiltse, Ms Piles, Mr. Puccetti- I wanted to thank them. When I finally win this case and expose Obama in court I will have more […]

Forwarded by Nicole Regards, George Miller http://constitutionalreset.com/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   I hope Mr. Galganov is right.   Re Barack Hussein Obama : I Told You So By Howard Galganov   Montreal, Quebec , Canada   23 July 2009     When Obama won the Presidency with the help of the LEFTIST Media, Hollywood And Entertainment Liberals, Ethnic Socialists (ACORN), […]

Upcoming interview

    Welcome To The American Freedom Report     Date:       January 19, 2010                                        Page 1 of 2   To:          Dr. Orly Taitz   From:      Stephanie Barrett                Re:          Your interview on the show.     Thank you so much for being a guest on The American Freedom Report with Dave vonKleist & Brent Johnson. […]

Letter from supporter Paula Hoehn

TO:  DR. ORLY’S SUPPORTERS I used Dr. Orly’s ‘Donate’ button on her website to make an on-line donation today, and I had no problems using Paypal on her website. There are a lot of expenses resulting from filing briefs, as well as traveling to give interviews, and many other expenses which all add up, and […]

Contact Scott Brown, demand from him to bring Obama’s illegitimacy to presidency to the floor of the house, to be heard in Judicial committee. If dems block it, then he can become one of my plaintiffs

  Dr. Taitz:   Thank you for your 25/7 effort on this Constitutional issue!  I hope you are encouraged by the MA election of Scott Brown as the Senator!  Maybe Senator Brown will do for you what Senator McCain would not!   Bruce Wiltse Napa,CA

To East Valley Tribune editors: retract your false statement

East Valley Tribune Editors:   The highlighted sentence below in your editorial published today is false.  Please publish a retraction. Your staff needs to obtain both the Republican and Democratic National Committee Presidential Nomination forms from the Ariz. Secretary of State’s Office – Division of Elections, which I do have in my possesion before making such an assertion. […]