Article about our case in World Net Daily today

Veritas Submitted on 2010/01/09 at 9:36pm The pressure and recognition mount. Below are two paragraphs from a report today on WND.COM. Kudos: From WND.COM (http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=121393) BORN IN THE USA? Obama eligibility attorney charges case rife with fraud Asks court for ‘evidentiary hearing for possible criminal prosecution’ Orly Taitz, who has, among other cases, one pending […]

Slain L.A. lawyer Jeffrey Tidus was ‘ethical, upright’ man. Read an article about him in LA Times and Yahoo. I can’t publish it because of copyright.

Keyes Responsed to opposition Q.O.

Read the document here.

bartec Submitted on 2010/01/09 at 12:14pm Someone is definitely sabotoging this site. obama will never let the birth issue to ever go forward. I’m afraid that Orley’s life could be in danger. Newspapers, TV’s, media, commentators are all intimidated so as not to bring this issue to the front. Greater people have been destroyed for […]

Vic_Hern Submitted on 2010/01/09 at 10:41am On Jan 13,2010 the 30 days request to Eric Holder to begin or grant quo warranto in DC expires. We must not allow him to ignore our request as he has done since Mar 2009. Are we ready with an action? Reply to opposition to transfer, request for leave […]

Henry Tisdale Submitted on 2010/01/09 at 10:57am Mike, Molly and Patty, Some key holes at Google, with or without their boss’s ok, play around with our stuff on Orly’s web (blog) site. I have seen many strange things take place, and even got into a big email battle with one of those guys who handles […]

Henry Tisdale Submitted on 2010/01/08 at 9:36pm Having lived and worked in Europe for 3 years in the early 80’s, I can tell you for sure, Muslims do indeed feel at home in Germany, Britain, France, Sweden, Norway, and Spain. However, the natives of these countries do not feel at home with the Muslims there. […]

Keyes reply to opposition Quo Warranto

Please see the document here: Keyes reply to opposition Quo Warranto