I talked today to a clerk at the 11th circuit court of Appeals in Atlanta. There was a requests for some corrections in the opening appeals brief. I will be doing it next week.  My oldest son is coming from college, I will take it easy next week spending some time with my husband and my children and […]

Veritas Submitted on 2009/12/18 at 10:40pm Thank you for the update on all the developments. Another point to consider about the NBC documentary, is that if the POTUS de facto suddenly resigns to escape scrutiny, or your demand for QUO WARRANTO proves Ineligibility, NBC will be one up on all the competitors and have millions […]

Henry Tisdale Submitted on 2009/12/18 at 10:04pm My Captain, my Captain, I stand down on my plea for you to cancel. You followed your own intuition which is the best there is when your dignity and reputation is on the line. I am very much still behind you. Was it not NBC’s Saturday Night Live […]


I listened to your concerns, and I came to the interview with an observer, who is a prominent attorney and a business community leader in New York, to make sure there will be record of the interview,  and make sure the truth was not bent out of shape. I believe the producers Kate Henson and Payal […]

Swan60 Submitted on 2009/12/18 at 8:54am The eligibility subject matter is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE and URGENCY. This is something Glenn Beck should be screaming on his show NOW (actually he should have done so well over a year ago). The fact that NBC wants to dilly-dally a good 5 months or so producing this […]