To: dr_taitz@yahoo.com Orly, PLEEEASE!   When you go for your NBC taping bring along your own film crew as they will try to cut excerpts out to try and make you look bad if you have no complete copy yourself.  Otherwise, demand to do it live or not at all. Randy F Tulsa, OK answer: they […]

Please forward it to all the senators, reps, Att. generals and US attorneys

SueK Submitted on 2009/12/14 at 1:32pm Orly, This is a great letter to Holder. Please consider sending it to EVERY Representative and Senator in Washington D.C., as well. Maybe they’ll stop ducking the issue and wake up! Letter to attorney general Eric Holder 1 #

Ken B. (Fort Mill, Submitted on 2009/12/14 at 1:27pm Sock it to him, Orly. I like it, I like it, I like it. “Persist Until You Succeed” Letter to attorney general Eric Holder

Letter to attorney general Eric Holder

Law Offices of Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ 29839 Santa Margarita parkway ste 100 Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688 Phone 949-683-5411 Fax 949-766-7603 12.14.09. Via Certified Mail Attn Mr. Eric Holder United States Attorney General 950 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington DC 20530-0001 USA Dear Mr. Holder, On March 1st on behalf of my clients I have […]

Please report Bruce Merchant to the Board of directors of KEZM 1310 and to the FCC for unprofessional behavior and defrauding the listeners by refusing to report the truth about Obama’s illegitimacy to presidency

Pat Submitted on 2009/12/14 at 5:40am Quite a bit of irony in that the email likely originates from SULPHUR, La… LOL! Wouldn’t be surprising if the writer even has horns too. KEZM-AM Bruce Merchant General Manager Sulphur, LA kezm1310am@structurex.net (337) 527-3611 Can someone report him to the president and the board of directors of kezm1310 […]