What is his background and why is the government protecting him???

Peter Nantucket ptn@aol.com Submitted on 2009/12/05 at 9:44pm Come on with your citizens arrest though. You’d better bring LOTS and LOTS of guns and help because someone will be going down and with my background and protection I’m certain it won’t be me. Come on with your citizens arrest though. You’d better bring LOTS […]

Swiss ban on minarets was a vote for tolerance and inclusion

from the December 05, 2009 edition – http://www.csmonitor.com/2009/1205/p09s01-coop.html Swiss ban on minarets was a vote for tolerance and inclusion The Swiss vote highlights the debate on Islam as a set of political and collectivist ideas, not a rejection of Muslims.   By Ayaan Hirsi Ali   Washington   The recent Swiss referendum that bans construction […]

We CANNOT have someone with this mentality running our GREAT nation!!

In a message dated 12/5/2009 10:50:56 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes: This is our president            FORWARD TO ALL YOU CAN Everyone of voting age should read these two books.. Don’t buy them, get them from the library before they are removed from the shelves… >From Dreams of My Father:  ‘I ceased […]

 Clear flag Taitz’ interview with Scott Bradley 12/5/2009 Saturday, December 5, 2009 1:44 PM From: “Norman Murray”Add sender to Contacts To: “Orly Taitz” <dr_taitz@yahoo.com> Dr. Taitz:   Your radio interview with Scott Bradley has been interdicted and remapped in your archives to an account of how to rebuild an automobile engine.   Instead, one can […]

Paula Hoehn Submitted on 2009/12/05 at 3:10am Dear Orly, Judge Carter is using the well known Friday news dump for the rendering of his decision. It’s not a holiday weekend, but it’s the Friday before Monday, Dec. 7th, anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Judge Carter, you have stabbed America in the back by your deliberate obtuseness: […]

ihveit Submitted on 2009/12/05 at 7:08pm maybe its time the fbi and the police gets warned.. should anything happen to you because of neglect on their part WE COULD GO AFTER THEM… pink slip would be the least of the solutions??? i am tired of our security force not doing a damn thing and maybe […]

Charles Thompson, OK 2nd district candidate is my friend on facebook

View Photos of Charles (1)Send Charles a MessagePoke Charles Candidate for Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District 2010 www.ThompsonforOK2.com www.thompsonforok2.blogspot.com/ Information Relationship Status: Married Birthday: April 6, 1963 Hometown: Hulbert, OK Political Views: Republican Party Religious Views: Christian – Assemblies of God Website: http://www.ThompsonforOK2.com Mutual Friends 18 friends in commonSee All Christopher Love Charles Greer Dee Dobson […]

frank leonetti Submitted on 2009/12/05 at 9:48am This is diobolical and outrageous. Carter (#1) was told precisely what to do and say, & (#2) the ”handlers” of Carter know exactly that this country could accept the truth and there would be dire consequences to these ”handlers”. But the truth is EXACTLY what this country needs. […]

I just finished an interview with Scott Bradley, radio liberty. One hour interview is in archives

My twin nieces. Pictures like these give me strength to keep fighting

Veritas Submitted on 2009/12/05 at 3:29am Dear Dr Orly: I am just rereading the FORWARD to Elie Wiesel’s book, NIGHT. Here is an excerpt I feel bears repeating: “……the fate of the Jews of the little Transylvanian town called Sighet, their blindness in the face of a destiny from which they STILL HAD TIME TO […]

Can someone contact police and FBI in Reston VA. We reported numerous death threats coming from Reston VA, and Everett, Shohomish Co., Renton, Seattle WA. Zero action from FBI and police so far.

 Clear flag Traced the IP Address for you Saturday, December 5, 2009 12:37 AM From: “Steven Add sender to Contacts To: “Orly Taitz” <dr_taitz@yahoo.com> I saw on your page a death threath. I see the poster leaves an IP address. I found this info in tracking the IP address. You may be able to use […]

 Flag this message Carter Decision Friday, December 4, 2009 9:28 PM From: “Bob Add sender to Contacts To: dr_taitz@yahoo.com ***********  You may post this if you wish ************* From Carters Ruling :                    After reviewing the moving and opposing papers, the Court finds no factual, legal, or bias grounds upon which to grant the motion […]

another death threat. Do you want a bet that the police, FBI, US attorneys office and Judge Carter will not do a damn thing? I wonder who is he?

Repeter Nantucket rtn@aol.com Submitted on 2009/12/03 at 10:05pm That’s not a threat. This is a threat… IM GONNA KILLA BIATCH AND ALL U YOU NIGGAS! Now that’s a threat…. That’s not a threat. This is a threat… IM GONNA KILLA BIATCH AND ALL U YOU NIGGAS! Now that’s a threat…. rtn@aol.com Repeter Nantucket 0 […]