harveydawabbitt Submitted on 2009/12/02 at 7:58pm i have had the same experience with the fbi secret service local police dept. of justice secretary of state attorney general etc etc etc only my fight was about naked short selling and wells trade investments telling me i didnt own the stock that i bought thus being ripped […]

Neither my police dep nor Everett WA police dep do a thing

This is the same animal from WA 4612 Silwertrip Ln., Everett, WA   98203. Try to call directly to Everett, WA Police department   Everett, WA Police department 3002 Wetmore Avenue Everett, WA 98201-4018 Ph. (425) 257-8400 With Greatest Respect,   Boris Nudelman

rally today in front of Mission Hospital Wednesday, December 2, 2009 11:15 AM From: “Conniesco Dear Activists,   If you are planning to protest in front of Mission Hospital today (Wed., 2:00 to 4:00), Crown Valley is undergoing road work (nothing unusual about that). If you are taking the freeway, please consider exiting at Avery, turning onto […]

Apparently only 3 people listened to Commander Fitzpatrick and they will decide whether to forward the case to the Grand Jury of 25

A Grand Jury of THREE?!?!  And none of them were jury members!!!!!  The Assistant Attorney General (for the State of Tennessee(?) (and the home state of Owl Gore)) and a jury foreman do not make a Grand Jury.  What was suppose to be a Grand Jury hearing was in fact just……….a hearing to decide if […]

from US air force Brig. general Charles e Jones

Dear Dr Taitz,   I completely agree. You are the catalyst that keeps this outrage of the people and the treason to the Constitution in the forefront. Your selfless efforts for the people and the Republic have been and are absolutely Superior. Keep up the fight because the people are more than entitled to be assured […]

Now I am getting threats against my whole family and no help yet from either police or FBI or US attorneys or judges

Peter Nantucket ptn@aol.com Submitted on 2009/12/02 at 3:09pm Oh, Your “pastor” friend wiley drake can WISH the president dead but I can’t wish YOU dead orly? YOU ARE SUCH A HYPOCRITE!!!! I WISH YOU NOTHING BUT DEATH AND MISERY. I WISH YOUR CAR WILL CRASH BECAUSE SOMEONE TAMPERED WITH IT, AND YOU WILL BURN […]

Southernlady Submitted on 2009/12/01 at 11:19pm Orly, you have another coincidence: Anita Duncen = Ann Dunham interesting coincidence 6 #

Carlos Vazquez Submitted on 2009/12/02 at 3:30am Wake up! This is the most important case this “judge” is ever going to hear. This is actually the most important case in the history of the federal courts; it is the case where they are supposed to uphold the constitution against a usurper to the office of […]

Scott Gresko Submitted on 2009/12/02 at 9:57am I take exception to the “drunken sailor” comparison to Obama. I was a drunken sailor numerous times and I would never have accepted being compared to a liar, brigand and usurper like Obama no matter how drunk I might have been…. But I know what you mean. interesting […]

This moron John Cleese is attacking Sarah Palin while really describing his relative Obama

Yephora Submitted on 2009/12/02 at 12:03am Here is a 4-minute YouTube video of John Cleese praising 0bamao while trashing Sarah Palin. Funny thing is, all the supposed negatives he attributes to Sarah really DO apply to his hero 0Zero. But he’s too liberally disordered to realize it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WR3eUjD6y6o&eurl=http://www.knowprose.com/&fmt=18 Thank you Eric. Does anyone has a […]

Can someone track this IP? It sounds like a death threat to me

Peter Nantucket ptn@aol.com Submitted on 2009/12/02 at 1:03am ORLY: I wish it was you who was shot in that coffee house and not those innocent officers!!!! You are enemy #1 of the United States of America and so is your legion of evil right winger HATE mongering lying mafia. ORLY: I wish it was […]

Thank you

Perry Apism Submitted on 2009/12/01 at 11:04pm Nothing happens by coincidence. Take, for example, Obama’s announced Afghanistan policy tonight. Had it not been for the pressure of your Barnett lawsuit, and your brilliant motion for reconsideration, Dr. Orly, Obama would have pulled out of Afghanistan. You can take single-handed credit for this policy in our […]

NewEnglandPatriot Submitted on 2009/12/01 at 10:49pm I think the people of Southern California need to assemble a citizens’ grand jury to investigate evidence of Judge David O. Carter’s violation of his oath to the Constitution. The presentments can be served to a prosecutor or judge for action. If just one honest official can be found […]