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Saturday at 12 pm EST I will be interviewed by WBEN Buffallo, NY. Kathy Wappner, “Straight Talk” phone the station 716-803-0930 Can be heard on the air in Canada through Toronto, NY, PA, OH  On World Wide Net live stream wben.com On Monday I will do Steve Malzberg show NY, syndicated all over the country, tentatively […]

Thomas Submitted on 2009/12/30 at 10:29am Dr Orly Taitz , It is so good to see that other people realize the facts , That Obama did commit an act of treason & is still able to held responsible for his many Illegal acts against the U.S.A. ———————————– Judge Carter can preach till he is blue […]

From Bob Campbell, American Grand Jury

No Comments » Judge Carter, 3 sheets to the wind.. December 29th, 2009 Editorial by Bob Campbell Folks, I often wondered what possessed Judge Carter in California to tell the world “he wanted to try this case on its merits” and then do a sudden 180 by dismissing the case with prejudice? Does the word […]

Alex Submitted on 2009/12/29 at 3:29pm The Democrats (I used to be one, now unaffiliated) are becoming extremely disillusioned with Obama, and are realizing they’ve been bamboozled beyond imagination. My suggestion is to let the Democrats and others who were fooled into voting for this liar know that the BEST way to take down Barack […]

R. P. Frye Submitted on 2009/12/29 at 11:54am The November elections are an opportunity to make vast adjustments to our congress. This is very important, however, much can happen before Nov. and the immediate problem is to get the imposter out of the presidency. That would go a long way toward solving the congressional problem […]

NY Daily News

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is not fit for position, recent events prove Michael Daly Tuesday, December 29th 2009, 4:00 AM Brandon/AP It’s time to put a real cop in charge. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is just not fit for the job, after she claimed “the system worked” in Flight 253 terror incident. Related […]

Greg Submitted on 2009/12/29 at 10:28am The power to vote in November will be more than enough to rid this country of the mistakes that are in power now. I work in a union shop that is heavily democratic and today you cant get one person to admitt they voted this bunch in. With democrats […]

drmoses AARP 3%er! Submitted on 2009/12/29 at 10:24am Bruce Card, In the Bible, Christ told his followers to “Sell your coat and purchase a sword.” He said this because he knew he would not be around to protect them. That is why we have a God given right to bear arms, so we can protect […]

faslkd Submitted on 2009/12/29 at 10:30am “Those who make nonviolent change impossible make violent change inevitable.” It might be time now 11

Support Dr. Taitz,   I fully support your efforts to force Obama to prove Presidential eligibility; and as a retired USAF E-8, I believe what you are doing is of incredible importance for our country and our military.  It’s obvious Obama is hiding something, and I believe it’s his natural born citizenship.  What I find […]

Brainstorming Napolitano disaster

Veritas Submitted on 2009/12/28 at 7:53pm Thank you for sharing your insightful comments. It was totally ironic that Miss Napolitano would state that “all was working as it should.” Perhaps from a terror cell viewpoint that security has such holes in it, that the country, the transport system and our government are totally porous. From […]

I need your thoughts on proposed rally to throw out of office Napolitano

I believe it is time to have a rally to remove Napolitano out of office. 1. she was a poor choice to begin with, as Arizona under her leadership was one of the worst states in terms of law enforcement. It ranked first in the Nation in terms of kidnappings and second in the World. What […]

More death threats from Obama’s supporters. Will Napolitano, or Holder or Mueller do anything? Of Course not.

Haiguyz haiguyz@itsatotalgoatfuck.com Submitted on 2009/12/29 at 9:30am Die in a fire you goddamn ignorant bimbo. Die in a fire you goddamn ignorant bimbo. haiguyz@itsatotalgoatfuck.com Haiguyz 0 ApproveUnapprove | Spam | Delete | Edit | Quick Edit | Reply It might be time now 3 # fgjhgfjh asjkgn@jsdf.com Submitted on 2009/12/29 at 9:25am bitch! bitch! […]

Another death threat, no help from FBI or Police yet. Can someone help? I think this person is a Muslim. Remember how they dragged American pilots through the streets of Mogadishu?

Uranut Cace uranutcace@watersports.com Submitted on 2009/12/28 at 10:34pm You’re a low life piece of garbage that should be hooked to the back of a garbage truck and dragged through the streets. It won’t be long before you are disbarred. You are a disgrace to immigrants of this nation. This country would be a better […]

From WorldNetDaily

Posted: December 28, 2009 Attorney wants to argue eligibility in Washington   Wants Obama birth-certificate dispute decided by D.C. judge     By Bob Unruh A lawyer who has fought government attorneys in courthouses across the nation over the issue of President Barack Obama‘s eligibility to occupy the White House now wants the dispute moved […]

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