To this list I have to add that Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden worked as a lobbyist, making 1.8 million a year. Orly

WHO, who, is willing to take responsibility for putting THESE thieves in office? Wed, October 21, 2009 11:31:57 PM From: “Johngranath To: AllJohnsFriends@aol.com     What a den of thieves! Somebody spent a lot of time putting this together….. .                         Pretty good summary of what is known – how much more is hidden? $34,000: […]

Stupid is as Stupid Does

I have to state that this article relates only to Muslim extremists, I am sure there are a lot of decent Muslim people, I hope readers don’t associate this article from a Spanish reporter with all the Muslims Orly From: Marilynn Sent: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 16:40:40 Pacific Daylight Time To: Subject: Wake up America […]

Who runs this Oversee Research and Development, who are they connected to, why are they using my name?

orlytaitz.com OVERSEE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT in Los Angeles Thu, October 22, 2009 7:15:01 AM From: Dr. Josh Backon < View Card To: dr_taitz@yahoo.com   Orly: contact http://www.domain-disputes.com/national-arbitration-forum.htm  [Querying whois.internic.net] [Redirected to whois.nameking.com] [Querying whois.nameking.com] [whois.nameking.com] Domain Name:                 orlytaitz.com Registrant ———————————————————— Name:                        Admin – Organization:                Oversee Research and Development, LLC Email:                       admin@overseedomainmanagement.com Address:                     515 South Flower […]

Tomorrow I am speaking at the Republican assembly of Costa Mesa CA, 6:30PM, Ayres Hotel

YouTube Video of South Dakota presentation (9 parts) lasted 3and a half hours, numerous questions

Important: VIDEO IS UP!! Wed, October 21, 2009 6:30:24 PM From: Sarah Brooks <ameriplan.trueteam@gmail.com>   View Card To: “Brandt, Christopher” <christopher.brandt@csl.edu>     For those of you who want to watch the short video(s) of Dr. Orly Taitz’s presentation in South Dakota, click on the link below. Please pass along to all Conservatives on your list. […]

Promo of John Clark show

  =====================********************=====================  Toll free number to call 1.800.596.8191 Toll free from Mexico 01-800-681-1852 Program Location: www.theamericanvoice.com HELP FUND THIS LISTENER SUPPORTED PROGRAM. SEND YOUR DONATION TO AMERICA BETRAYED PO BOX 740831 ORANGE CITY FL 32774 ====================********************======================  AMERICA BETRAYED Date: Thur. 10/22/09 Time: 3:00 pm PT     6:00 pm ET   Program Location: www.THEAMERICANVOICE.com HELP FUND THIS LISTENER SUPPORTED PROGRAM. SEND YOUR […]


Yesterday I did Tom Rompel show-AZ. it is in archives Today I taped William Wagener “On Second Thought” show. It will be available on TV in Santa Maria-Santa Barbara area this Friday 7pm, Satellite and YouTube William Wagener channel .   tomorrow at 3pma PST I will do John Clark show, CO On 10.29.09. 9EST, 6PST Pastor Butch Paul […]

From defendex

New discovery links Dunham aliases to Dunham front companies and real-estate transactions by DefendUSx March 24, 2009 23:23  “The real reason is that Madelyn’s Dad worked for Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company. In 1973 David Rockefeller founded the Trilateral Commission (TC) with the Marxist-praising Zbigniew Brzezinski as its director. Zbigniew Brzezinski is a foreign policy advisor […]

Can someone take pictures of all of the employees of Simlog in Belleview WA? I need as much info as possible about the co and all of the employees

Google adds

I have paid Google adds on my site to help cover expenses. every time a person clicks on the add, it gives a few cents and it helps pay my court fees and so on. I don’t know how Google matches those adds with the sites, but I noticed a couple, that need some commentary.  1. Advertisement of Liberal […]

Roland Submitted on 2009/10/22 at 1:22am Orly, we love you and will be glad to donate. I’m shocked at the disrespect the courts, the gov’t and obama has for us citizens, what use to be the U.S.A. For I don’t know where I am anymore. Even the horn on the NYC bus sounds like I’m […]

Obama should stop riding my coattails. Kreep is more then enough for me.

By accident I entered orlytaitz.com instead of orlytaitzesq.com. to my amazement another website came up, that showed a few options/ You could click on a few different types of attorney referrals. One option said Obama. when I clicked it, the following came up: Sponsored Listings Official Obama Website Barack Obama Needs Your Help to Change Washington. […]

We are fighting Tyranny abroad, while it is killing us, killing our Constitutional freedoms and our jobs and our econmy at home. Isn’t it time to turn to the home front???

Please post this photo…   This is what the U.S. military is really about… helping other nations fight tyranny..   CPT Pamela Barnett, USA Retired —– Forwarded Message —- From: Judy Hulsey <judyh0603@logantele.com> To: Undisclosed-Recipient@yahoo.com Sent: Wed, October 21, 2009 8:08:22 PM Subject: Fw: Sleep Tight   —– Original Message —– From: Merlene Fritts To: Undisclosed-Recipient:; Sent: Wednesday, […]

Thank you Mr. Jason Hommel for all your help