Sioux Falls, SD meeting, organizers Garland and Donna Peterson. Thanks Gar and Donna!

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State House Majority Whip of South Dakota, Manny Steele, expressed support for the eligibility issue

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Share on Tumblr Mrs. L w Submitted on 2009/10/02 at 6:22pm YOU are the ONE Dr. Orly that will be recognized when this comes to an end! I didn’t even know who Kreep was until a month ago and I have been following this NBC since before the election. What comes to my mind is [...]

Share on Tumblr faucetman Submitted on 2009/10/03 at 1:36pm Orly, ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Since the MSM won’t cover this, they think they are smart having you on to try and ridicule you. They end up looking stupid and you get the word on Obama out there. They are HELPING and don’t even know it. We can [...]

Share on Tumblr Kathy k Submitted on 2009/10/03 at 2:10pm Glad the gentleman cancelled his donation since he sent it to the wrong party! There seems to have been a number of ethical issues by parties wanting to catch Orly’s wave. It just makes me sick that pride and mammon drive so many people. Keep [...]

Share on Tumblr      If the above ploy is attempted, could you request a secure trial setting such that what their allegation - security compromised by revealing his records – would become a non-issue?     What is ironic is that this man is the single biggest security threat this country has EVER known; that might be something to [...]

Recent filing in GA and CA

Share on TumblrAW: Dear Mr. Lincoln Saturday, October 3, 2009 1:23 AM From: This sender is DomainKeys verified “Charles Lincoln”View contact details To: “John Charlton” m> Cc: “Dr. Orly Taitz” <dr_taitz@yahoo.com> Message contains attachments 6 Files (1249KB) | Download All Notice of Filing Exhibit A Affidavit ISO Motion to Recuse Judge Clay D Land’s OSC [...]

I never got a cent from USJF

Share on TumblrI got a phone call yesterday. An elderly former member of the military from NM, Ken Mazze, stated that he read an article in WND about hearing on October 5th, and he has given a large $2,000 donation to USJF – US Justice Foundation to help me. He  asked if I got the money [...]

Washington Post article

Share on TumblrLast week Washington Post reporter Liza Mundy flew to CA and spent a day with me. Yesterday their photographer did a photo shoot. According to Ms. Mundy, Monday morning, during judge Carter hearing Washington Post will run an article- biographical expose about me an my legal challenges of Obama’s eligibility. Seems like a perfect [...]