Jimmy Submitted on 2009/10/31 at 3:14pm Oh count me in, 10 people strong! That’s a movement if there ever was one! Reminder! Protest Bill O’Reilly in NY on Veteran’s day 8 #

Jack Submitted on 2009/10/31 at 4:35pm Bottom line, Judge Carter is letting Congress deal with the political stink of Obama — rather than the Constitutional nightmare of endeavoring to have a Court deal with it. I now beleive Judge Carter masterfully did this in a way that there’s nothing the Govt. Obama Team can appeal […]

BJP Submitted on 2009/10/31 at 4:49pm You asked what do you do if you have no recourse in court, in Congress, in the White House, in all the lawmakers, with no free press or worse, a press who lies and propagandizes for Obama? The answer is that you have revolution. First peaceful and if that […]

Help needed for protest in NY on Nov 11

Nov 11, Veteran’s day we will protest, demanding from Bill O’Reilly to give us an opportunity to respond to his defamatory statements about Obama’s illegitimacy for presidency law suits. When liberals attack us, people know that they are in Obama’s little back pocket. when people like O’Reilly, who is masquerading as a conservative, pretending to […]

To: dr_taitz@yahoo.com Dear Dr. Taitz:  The only thing I can think of to say is I am so sorry for you, for the defendants and for all American people.  The Judge failed to uphold the constitution.  I do believe there are many powerful people behind Obama and their investment and lies must be kept at […]

live oak Submitted on 2009/10/31 at 5:35pm Dear Orly, I have to thank you once again from my heart of hearts for all you’re doing and all you have done for us and this beautiful country. You are so good and right and true and I stand with you always. Please take a break and […]

Rick Stone Submitted on 2009/10/30 at 9:41pm I think that some got to the Judge Carter thru threats, bribes or blackmail. The people behind the people that put Obama in office simply don’t want the truth to get out. They are very serious about protecting their investment and will do anything to that end. I […]

I am very angry…

Submitted on 2009/10/30 at 8:15pm Then you mean to tell me that Judge Carter does not care that he is eligible. We have had presidents ousted before and lived through it. It is going to be much harder to live through the kings reign than to elect another president. I think that if a judge […]

Re WSJ article

I was asked, why did I want to get in touch with the author of the article. I simply want to give him my side of the story, present evidence and see if he will be willing to write a fair and balanced account, if he would be willing to do investigative journalism. No other […]

Veteran’s day, 11.11.09, noon protest Bill O’Reilly, demand equal time from him

Veriliy Altwalter Submitted on 2009/10/30 at 6:11pm I’ll be there, Lady Liberty! I’m bringing 5 people with me. We all live in Brooklyn. We support you 500%. Answer Thank you. My relatives live in Brooklyn and Borrow park. Do you know of a coffee shop or diner by the FOX headquaters, where we all can meet […]

Sovereign Soul Submitted on 2009/10/30 at 6:13pm <> ——————- I see that we have someone talented in the advertising business. May we draw on his expertise to develop a “handout” or something that we could send on the web … it could go viral, that would COMPARE Judge Carter’s language at the FIRST hearing in […]

Can someone get in touch with this reporter from Wall Street Journal?

Law Blog WSJ on the cases, trends and personalities of interest to the business community. Bill Lerach and Mel Weiss are Halfway Home Amgen Hit With Suit Alleging Kickbacks Over Anemia Drug October 30, 2009, 3:13 PM ET On the ‘Birthers’ Lawsuits and Separation of Powers Article Comments (4) Law Blog HOME PAGE » Email […]

It will be only peaceful protest on Veterans day. A lot of veterans are turning in their graves, seing the disrespect members of the military are getting from this arrogant fraud in the White House and his sidekicks in the judiciary and Congress

bacsi Submitted on 2009/10/30 at 3:11pm “dr_taitz@yahoo.com October 30th, 2009 @ 7:58 am Make sure there is no violence. Use words only” Absolutely – out of respect for Orly and her ‘good fight’ strategy, this site is not the place to advocate for anything except peaceful assembly and legal protest. All those who have served […]

Remember: Veterans day- protest Bill O’Reilly, demand equal time. 1211 Ave of the Americas, NY

will Submitted on 2009/10/30 at 3:27pm you are absolutely correct.. this idiot did PROMISE us that some sort of trial would be had and he would see to it.. of course thats before the thugs of chicago made him hire one of obamas lawyers to oversee him… or was it a hit man?  

bacsi Submitted on 2009/10/30 at 3:29pm Taylor and Donna: Orly needs support through donations to cover legal expenses such as filing fees and related traveling expenses, we should also try to compensate her for all the working days lost from her practise in pursuing this cause of getting our county back. She also needs hundreds […]

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