Congressman Campbell

John B. T. Campbell III Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California‘s 48th district Incumbent Assumed office  December 7, 2005 As you know, the tide is changing and now the 6th congressman signed up on the bill proposed by Congressman Posey of Florida, demanding original birth certificates from future presidential candidates. I know, it is not exactly […]

Does anyone have a copy of this case by Suzanna Burgermeister?

queenofshina Submitted on 2009/06/29 at 10:39pm Speaking of the Illuminati and NWO…have y’all read about Janet Burgermeister, an investigative reporter from Austria, filing a criminal complaint with the FBI against Obama, Napolitano, Sibelius, Rockefeller,WHO, the UN, et al and charging them with planning to murder millions of Americans with deadly swine flu vaccine. She issued […]

I keep getting these messages, but I haven’t seen any proof of Jesuit or Mason involvement, nothing that can be brought to court

keep up the hard, good work Monday, June 29, 2009 4:52 PM From: This sender is DomainKeys verified “Bill Gardner” Add sender to Contacts To: dr_taitz@yahoo.com orly i have been following your efforts to get a supreme judge to take the case of obamas birth certificate. your reasons for doing it are admirable & i […]

Submitted on 2009/06/29 at 7:52pm I have such mixed feelings today. I am so excited about the CGJ activity in Washington D.C. I have been following the twitter feeds and it sounds like today was quite the adventure for Carl and his supporters. But, I am so frustrated to read about WND hacking and all […]

From reader M. Andrews- 150 years for Congress

Today, Tammy Bruce covered for Laura on the Laura Ingraham Show. She was talking about how Madoff’s 150-year sentence would be more than appropriate for Congress as well, given their breach of fiduciary duties to and crimes against American citizens (those are my words)…she was referrring to their appropriation of our tax dollars. This is a great theory, and […]

Radio show Th

I will be doing a radio show with Jim Stachowiak FreedomFighterRadio.net 724-444-7444 Thurday, 6pm PST

Obama article by Joseph Farah was published in Russian press

Джозеф Фара – очень интересный и честный журналист. Несмотря на своё поисхождение, он много писал об абсурдности арабских претензий к Израилю. Хотя может быть именно благодаря своему происхождению он хорошо информирован о фактах и исторических документах, связанных с возникновением Израиля и началом израильско-арабского конфликта. Subject: FW: who is obama? Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 15:00:06 […]

Dangerous Liaisons

Dangerous Liaisons I am concerned about a trend. I remember during Obama’s only senatorial run, his Republican opponent (I believe his name was Jack Ryan) was comfortably leading over Obama. At that point Obama’s supporters were able to convince a CA judge to unseal Ryan’s divorce records with some details that could be hurtful for […]

Orly,  I am so excited about your July 13th court date!  Parenthetically, it happens to be my birthday (29 again!).  This would be the greatest birthday gift  God could give me – to see you pinion this Traitor-in-Chief  and save our country from this insanity.  Proverbs 21:15 and 28 -5 say truth and justice are […]

That’s what pro-Obama media in MO is writing about us

firedupmissouri.com/node Sunday, June 28, 2009 5:25 PM From: Updates From Jones’, Davis’ And Guernsey’s Fellow Birther Conspiracy Wackos Submitted by .Sean on June 28, 2009 – 12:52pm Clockwise from top left: Rep. Mike McGhee, Rep. Tim Jones, Sen. Jim Lembke, Rep. Casey Guernsey,Rep. Cynthia Davis.  We’ve been trying to nail down details about the July 1 birther events in St. […]

I just talke to Joseph Farah from WND and he confirmed, they are under major cyber attack. I remember experiencing the same with my 2 previous blogs.

DBEST Submitted on 2009/06/28 at 7:40pm I use Yahoo and could not get Worldnet. Finally got in using “backdoor” technics. Thought it was my computer. Kept getting Error 24. Finally did get it. Interesting. Perhaps someone should get with Worldnet. I use Yahoo and could not get Worldnet. Finally got in using “backdoor” technics. Thought […]


Yes, Ca is in quagmire. We kicked out of office governor Davis, but didn’t do any better with Schwartzenegger. Why is it happening?  CA -The world’s 8th largest economy is failing because it became a well fare state, with open borders, millions of illegal immigrants depleting the state health-care and educational resources, free trade insanity has depleted […]

Obama got great education, our level of freedom of speech is on the level of Iranian mullas

Frank Connell Submitted on 2009/06/28 at 3:52pm I just tried again with the same results. All content accessible except the two Ebay articles. Isn’t this what the Iranian mullahs are doing to their people right now? I just tried again with the same results. All content accessible except the two Ebay articles. Isn’t this what […]

I guess, it’s time to boycott AOL

Andrew Chavez Submitted on 2009/06/28 at 3:54pm I lost access to World Net Daily but googled a story published by WND then used that access route to the web page. In that way the WND site appeared fine. Not sure what is going on with all that but I still cannot access WND from old […]

Hello, we arrived in a Nazi state, everyone say “Hail Obama”

Rick Submitted on 2009/06/28 at 3:45pm I tried to access WND Daily last night around 11:30 Pacific. seems like the whole website was being blocked.The top story was Wacko Jacko’s veins. Below was the article about the Birth Certificate. Switched over to Newsmax, everthing worked fine. We’re not all drinking Kool-aid here, there is Something […]

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