Eligibility issue spreads abroad

Friday, May 8, 2009 11:55 AM From: This sender is DomainKeys verified “pat t” View contact details To: “‘Stephen Stone’” <editor@renewamerica.us> Fokus, Macedonia’s leading magazine (read widely throughout the Balkans and in Australia), dedicates four pages to a cover story regarding Obama’s eligibility and his possible narcissism. Whistleblower Magazine is mentioned, also Orly Taitz, Ali […]

Media Blitz

COME JOIN US the week of MAY 11 for a MEDIA BLITZ to Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck! Is Obama a natural-born citizen and therefore qualified to be President of the United States? Some say, “NO! He pays lawyers to hide his citizenship status” (no one really disputes this part of […]

Information update on both Liberi and Obama

  Submitted on 2009/05/09 at 5:09am His last postings on his site: THE LATEST 01/02/2009: PRESS RELEASE – Philip J. Berg, Esquire Obtained the Obama 1964 Divorce File 01/02/09: BERG files a lawsuit on behalf of a RETIRED COLONEL The lawsuit is an “Interpleader” that shifts the burden of proof to OBAMA Further, OBAMA is […]

from another attorneys

I got this from another attorney and  I am trying to get more info. I was told by a number of attorneys and readers, that Berg didn’t update his site for several months, since January. I don’t go on his site and really don’t go on any sies. I am trying to figure what is going on. […]

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Alan Keyes Arrested Protesting Abortion at Notre Dame by DefendUSx May 08, 2009 15:19   Alan Keyes is a Plantiff on Dr. Orly Taitz lawsuit in damanding Congress explain by what authority Obama is sitting in office as President (Quo Warranto) The South Bend Tribune reports that political activist, author, former diplomat and presidential candidate […]